As old as un update

Sorry for the lack of content guys – Been so damm busy over the last 3 weeks, finding some kinda time to sit down on this computer and get photo’s editted as been slim. Iv been spending days going over the salon pics.

Here’s a few snaps for now. While in Okinawa, I was out looking for the Autobacs I had spotted on the Monorail. While getting off on the wrong stop I started walking in the general direction to which I guessed it was.

After a while of no Joy, I spotted a sweet looking little garage, then noted this beaut sitting looking all worn.

I asked the guys for directions in Japanese and they were a little stumped, Probally due to the fact it was so poor possibly? Anyway, I took interest in this little Datsun. As soon as I took the camera out, The bonnet was off and we we went over the whole contents of the bay and interior.

This thing was a full restoration for a good customer for them. Loved it – Packed up my bag, and on I trecked to find this peace of an RX7 sitting parked up.. mmm.

Also found this beat looking 14 sitting outside a Japanese curry house.

And eventually I found my point. Been shipping a good load of stuff over sea’s over the previous weeks – Went to Upgarage today to collect some super Tyte wheels for the Miata. Those will be shipped out tomorrow morning. WIN!



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