Its Over, but not done.

I have come across this draft I had obviously typed up after my season drifting in the Northern Drift Championship, Its old but I figured it was worthy of a post. Since this place hasnt been updated in a while.

2012 I decided to enter the NDC. The NDC Is held at Teesside Autodrone and consists of 4 rounds per season. Within the round there is 3 classes. Novice, Semi-Pro and Pro. You choose yourself what level you should be in and there is not advantage of saying your better than you are!
I entered round 1 in Novice. With no idea on the track layout or who else would enter I figured it was a safe bet since seat time for me this year has been at an all time low. I was happy with Novice class.
Round 1 I used the MX5. It was the second time I had driven a real track (First being Mallory) and I was having a hard time with the lack of power however my crail clutch kick foot was in full effect and I went home that day with a third place trophy! The trophy tipped it for me as Round 1 was probably the best round out of the rest for me.


Driftland – fruit’s back

JZX Doing skids

Photo thanks go to Thacko – Minty.Fresh media. Jites, Pete and Myself hit up Driftlands second open day! It was fantastic.. Jeek & Kyle from Chizfab.. have re created a mini Japan!

Before.. After

Before.. After

Day 36

36This was the car at a ‘crail height’. It was lower once but got owned round the big track. I REALLY didnt have the interest in smashing sumps down south. Not as low as the scene kids but low enough to still work flat out.

Crail is not that forgiving on the old car. Massive pot holes all over the place, when your in trains your not only dodging the pits but, tyres and broken aero makes for having to adapt your style or your gonna loose windows.

Here she is currently..


Day 35


I can thank Stu (The Hat – Chizfab x Minty.Fresh yellow FC3S) for this window sticker ;) Brought home from his Florida trip he got one back for Kev too. I even let him stick it where he thought best haha!

Day 34



Is happy.

Day 33


The rear bumper skin was a Bomex piece. A fiberglass shell which fits over the OEM bumper. I fitted this purely because I didn’t come across anything else! The rear end is pretty damm  narrow and make it look just ‘odd’ from the back.. In some angles it looked ok, but in most.. I grew to hate it.

Its about time, someone stepped up to make some new bumpers..