Day 7


A week in. Thanks to those who have been checking daily. Keep sharing and spreading the pics.. Were gonna pick up another 5 soon for 2013.

Everyone be safe out there on the roads.

that boso..

Here’s a few shots ‘mid paint’ of my Eunos – Iv been working on this for a few months to get it ready for todays drift event at Crail. Alas, the plans, did not go to plan.

The car was in a certain garage to get work done, long story short, they werent happy with the car being a bit ‘used’ (i.e. subframe scraping, a bushing fell out) so after charging me for their ‘time’ I got in touch with a friend of a friend, who could do the job at his workshop. With the car running around -5′ of camber on the front, it handled terrible! So you can imagine after months and months of having it sitting on stands, the day when I had it back again, on the back roads.. I was happy, VERY happy!

Alas, good things usually come with an equal. About 10 minutes from my house I encountered a very large deer, who helped me spent some more hard earned.. lame.

As you can see, headlight was totalled. No surprise really. Wing, indicator, lens, lid, motor and those super bright Raybrig headlight bulbs i picked up in Autobacs. Gutted.

I was beginning to really panic now, this was Tuesday.. around 2am. I had to leave on Friday, at 8am. Which left me.. Wednesday and Thursday, both of which I was working. I set to it and got some parts ordered up and sent up to my door before the end of Thursday and took a day off work to get the car fixed and road ready for the drive down.

Basically, I got it done, along with a new exhaust system (from the US) which is amazing. Got the whole car painted and made the deadline for yesterday morning. However, I had brake issues.. big ones, it almost put a stop to the drift day, but we got there..

More photos and info to come on the full paint job and from todays drift practice at crail.

Ja Ne

Old skool

Its been sooooooo long since I have posted on here – I need to change that, Got photos to edit and im off to Japan in August for the Matsuri and the G1GP. More to come on that.

I have been in London with TK – I messed about with some pictures while we were getting drunk.

mmm i miss this. OEM Arch flared… WIN!

Ja Ne

Ganbatte Nihon….

As most of us know by now Japan has been struck by a monumental earthquake.. hitting levels of 8.8; which in turn struck a tsunami of epic proportions. With reports coming in at between 2-300 people dead, a missing boat and train and thousands upon thousands lost.. March 11th will be remembered as of one of the worst natural disasters to strike Nihon.

Night time is upon Japan at the moment.. So the true photo’s of what the outcome will be wont show for another few hours.. My thoughts go out to all my friends currently in Japan.

Kyodo news agency is reporting that about 88,000 people are missing.

I called up my friend Tim this morning to get an update – “The place is mad! people are walking along train lines to get home.. its freezing here dude! I just wanna go home!”

I have been through several of Tokyo’s earthquakes before.. nowhere near this level but I can tell you.. its a very scary experience for someone who comes from a place were we can choose to ignore the worlds natural disasters.

Here we have a shot from outside Option2. Looks like there making best efforts to get their rides outa there before things get worse.

These photos from Andy show that Ebisu has also been struck :(

It seems there’s more to come to this.. More waves are to be expected. I wish everyone out there the best of luck.. Keep your spirits high guys. You’ll pull through…

Minty Fresh Street..

Oh how I miss the summers we had. Here’s some photos of fitting some fog lights while having a little meet round at Jays.

The weather was nice.. the cars were there and alot of general banters going on. All good.

Present this day we had TK’s 3, G’s Evo, My MX, Jays 32 and Jeep, and Dans PS. The focus is Rorys.

The weather was good, TK taking the job as serious as ever!

Me as per being stressed over something!

Dan and Jay slamming the PS some mores.

It wont be long till all these cars are gone..

Gotta love some old skool evo loving!

Soph as pleasant as always :p x


UPDATE: Kyle’s DC2 & Jordan’s NA8

Last two weekends have been busy ones. Involving fitting 2 set’s of coilovers and fitting various wheels. Not to mention the odd arch rolling service via some handy trolley jack handles.

Last Saturday we had Kyle’s teg up first. Rolling round on what we thought were OEM Shocks & springs.. I was very surprised to see.. ‘HKS’ Stamped, On springs all round! That explains the over stiff ride his DC had going on. Shame it didn’t mend the crazy space hopper height! Not to worry, Armed with a brand new set of BC Coilovers and a blow torch.. We cracked on with the job in hand!

Alas; I took nil snaps of the work being done.. as, well; I was doing the work :p So instead. Some snaps of the end results.

Here we have a snap of Jordan’s XXR02’s – 15×8 ET0. Very nice fit on an MX5 with a slight roll and flare.

Read on for more photos from the day…


Mintofruit feature in Option 2!

YUP! Just got my copy in from Tim in Japan. The March edition, for the Tokyo Auto Salon.

While Tim and myself where waiting for Dino to finish up a shoot at the Veilside stand, Dai Chan’s daughter walked up to him and started to interview him for Option 2 magazine. She asked him ‘Who do you know here at the Salon?’ and he looked up at me and said ‘I know him’..

With that Mamina Chan and a few Option 2 photographers came rushing up and started asking us questions! :p I showed them the boso Miata and they freaked out! They seemed so surprised when I told them I drifted in Scotland.

So I got in this morning to find another parcel sitting for me. Containing this months edition of Option 2. Containing this plug :p

The orange box says : Mint from Scotland. ^_^ Ace.

Ja Ne