Introducing.. Naho’s 14 Kouki.

Im proud to show you this super clean Nissan Silvia s14 Kouki (Known as the s14a back home) owned a Chiba local, Her name.. is Naho.

Naho works at one of the Autobac’s stores in Tokyo, A Native to the Chiba drift scene.. and you can tell with taking a glance at some of the choice mods done to this Super Sonic machine.

As you can see, It sports a full Vertex kit, polished with a full re-spray, which may.. or not be, Impreza blue..

I had met Naho a few years ago from the Autobacs store, When I seen her this year she asked if I was the one with the Ichigo. Got speaking and I found she had this gem at home! I needed to snap some photos! 😀

She had kindly offered to run me to the airport! Which was epic, considering I had almost gotten to the point of breaking with so many trains! So I jumped at the offer. My 2 American friends were waiting to see this Kouki too. On the dot of 11.. Leon shouting.. ‘YO MINT! .. I think that drift girls here’

When she got here with Tetsu, They decided the HKS Hi-Power was too silent.. so out with the bump. Full HKS System, Enkie wheels, drift button, various gauges, Ohlin suspension and a 1.5 way diff.. What more could a girl want? 🙂

Thank you so much for the lift! And I’ll see you guys in August! Oh and the secret’s safe ^^~~

Time for sleep – Track day tomorrow!

Oyasumi ~_~

p.s. TK is gonna kill me when he see’s what time this is being posted at… summimasen ><‘


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