TK & Myself head on down to London – For a chromeo concert.. and end up in Fabric Live!?..

Being massive Chromeo fans that we are, when the opportunity arose for us to head south of the border to go check these dudes out jamming some g-tar and talk box we had to ensure there was no way we were gonna miss out! We got our tickets super early, sorted the flights out.. hotels.. basic plans for what else to do and see and 3 weeks before the gig.. it was announced Chromeo has cancelled their London show, due to a sore throat .. Pretty miffed off, TK checked up and found out DJ Hype was playing live at Fabric Live that night, so we decided to maintain our plans and get on board our flight outa the granite city scape!

London is one place, im not a fan of. If I could avoid going to that city in the future, I will indeed try my hardest not to. So you can imagine I wasnt exactly too stoked on going especially since Dave and P Thug had pulled out. However, Tk convinced me it would be some good times to be had and I did need a break from work and the norm.. So meh. One thing about London I came to realise was just how, ‘fake’ it was.. I could best describe it like going to Lego Land. Everything was so false and just ‘there’. Non the less, there was some cool shit to see as a tourist.

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JDMtas Presents : Crail in HD

A small preview edited up from Thacko himself of myself drifting the MX5 at Crail – Last SXOC Drift Day!

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