Doune Hill Climb; Joys of 1/1250 Shutter Speeds

Thats right.. ISO Setting at 1600 and a shutter priority of 1/1000 to even 1/1250.. just to get some kind of photo. Needless to say with the ISO being so damm high to compensate for the lack of light from the tree’s and shutter being open for very little time.. the noise is epic! Anyways..

Doune Hill Climb – Im not going to pretend I know what this Is all about and post up times and names or locations etc, I’ll post what I know.

Al was heading down.. after reports along the lines of .. “Yeah, It’ll be epic.. by far the best hill climb out of all of them!” I was kinda excited to see what the scope was.

Picked up at a nice and early time of around we set off down south to hit this stage up – If you can make anything out from the pics, this stage was very much like a Touge in ways. Narrow road, barriers in case of that more than common off in the rain.. this place was fast paced, alot of action and some nice tyre burners!

Off to bed.. day visit tomorrow..


Alford Sprint Day

The Alford Transport Museum held the next round of the Scottish Sprint Championship.. this being Round 9. With it held only but a stone throw from my back garden (No Joke) I had no reason not to attend. Manning up with Kyle and Al we headed on down.

FINALLY! Iv done them.. out of 200 snaps, I narrowed it down to 39. Some nice cars to be seen and some good times set on the oval8. Car of the day for me was the EVOX sporting Advan rims, Carbon everything and 2x Bride seats nicely painted on the rear by non other than Japanese body shop that painted the Signal Auto tuned world famous R34. Mazora is the name of the Chameleon paint used on the backing and its these little things.. that made that car .. so much better, than the rest!

Another good wee event to show face to and have a laugh. Cheers for getting me up Al man :p haha – Check Al’s Car Stuff blog for more snaps of the event.

Oyasumi x

Applecross.. the true touge! : Part 2

The road titled ‘The Bealach-Na-Ba’ (Gaelic for Pass of the Cattle) is a famous, twisting, single-track mountain road, rising to 626 metres (2053 feet) in the Applecross peninsula,  within the Highland’s of Scotland. It is one of very few roads in the Scottish Highlands which is engineered in a similar fashion to the great mountain passes in the Alps, with very tight hairpin bends which switch back and forth up the hillside, with gradients approaching 20%. It boasts the greatest ascent of any road climb in the UK, rising from Applecross at sea level to 626m..


Now you see why we needed to hit this up right?.. With such a passion for driving, we take all we can in term’s of good roads to drive on. This area has a bad reputation for being badly maintained and full of idiots. To get out into the middle of no where.. with the only other soul’s around being sheep and dial-a-bus drivers and nothing but road, we set up to go.

This being the 4th attempt now at trying to make our way up there (All previous attempts failed due mechanical issue’s with the s15) we were finally set to get going. Aiming to leave between 1-2pm on Thursday.. we didn’t end up going till around 3/4. We arrived around about 8pm and begun to hit this place up!

The rumor’s were true (Well mostly).. the review’s on website’s tourist wide about how cool this place was.. met its highly ranked status of being “One of the best roads in Scotland” – Super Mount Akina style Hairpins.. scary scary drops with nothing but a crash barrier to keep you from sudden death.. suddenly.. the 4 hour drive and sheer price on fuel, almost instantly felt so worth it all!

As you can see its a tad crazy.. to be honest, I expected the hairpin’s to be less steep and more drivable however they were near on impossible to gather enough speed through safely. Loosing traction in second in just trying to get up the hill was a challenge in its own at certain points.

Scott and myself both agreed though.. It was the best road we had ever driven on and some of the sights will stay with us forever.

Well done Scotland, It almost compares!


Applecross.. the true touge! : Part 1

Well what a road indeed – Myself and Scotty headed on out yesterday to hit up this now famous road in the hills. The Applecross Pass!

Gathering the tools, jack, water and some camera’s we set off after changin out the Volks on the rear for some of the JDM rims that turned up with the car off the boat with some fresh tread just for the run. Unsure on the journey time but was around 4 hours give or take.


We got a good few runs in and stopped for aload of picture’s too – More info + Pics to come in Part 2 as im off to work now.


We’ll be heading back to this road at some point.. Got home around half 1 in the morning so not had a chance to see the video footage. But its in HD.. win.

Mata x

A Visit from The Tyre Man!

Well after me neighbour and a certain Mr Thacko told me about a man named Norman with a van.. I was interested. After the crail drift day i had gone through 4 tyres that needed changed out ASAP for the Applecross run tomorrow and also crail drift day on Sunday.


A phone call later and Norman was round the next day (Just now infact) with all the tools you could need to change out the ‘down to the bone’ Bridgestone’s and swap on some tyre’s sittin on a set of Scoob rims thanks to mr Al himself.

Didnt take long, Fully balanced and new valves. He’ll be keeping an eye out for some part worn 16’s and can also.. get this, take in Bridgestone RE050A’s… So possibly i should skid up the Volks? Hmm..

Norman owns the company and is set up for this area (Aberdeenshire) So if your in need of 1,2,3 or 4 tyre’s changed over, Give him a buzz or an email and he’ll be round to your door to do the work! Top Lad.

His Site :

Norman’s Contact Number : 0845 22 44 185 or 07967994502

Or Email him here

Once again.. Big thanks for today mate


Boyndie Sprint

Hosted up near Banff in the north of Scotland, Surrounded in a very tranquil bunch of ‘windmills’ .. no house’s around, little roads or traffic.. however the noise of Boosted Evo’s, v8 Kit cars and tyres screaming all over the shop made this all a little bit.. surreal.

This track is actually used for Karting, however every now and again some of the local’s from the hill climb clubs, sprints etc get together for another round of Sprint action. Setting times and having some fun.

As you can see there were alot of cars out there on the day – Weather was great and there was some great competition from some of the Evo’s and Formula cars.

We ended the JDMtas road trip day off with a drive down the east coast towards Peterhead and stop for lunch before heading on home to the granite city. Going to get some snaps up from NEM shortly!

Arigato, Ja Ne