Tokyo Auto Salon – Part 1 of 4

Well its taken almost 1 entire year, however Iv FINALLY now edited up HALF of the Photo’s from this years Tokyo Auto Salon based in Chiba.

Presents, Part 1 of 4.

Iv got the other half of these to upload tonight followed by Sundays photo’s to edit! Massive. In the mean time check out, Were hosting a JZX Tribute week!

Mata Ne!

JDMtas Meet Photos.

JDMtas (Japanese Track & Street) are still going strong, With the monthly meets held the first Sunday of each month its getting big.

Here’s some shots from the Sept meet we held. We ended up taking over part of the upper level and had security out numerous times. After the usual catch up sesh, photo bash and look see, we take a wonder in down stairs for a coffee followed by some food, be it at yO Sushi, Frankies, or just where ever people see fit!

Last night seen the October meet. Not as big as last month but still good to meet up with people again and see some new cars on the scene like the new s15 rolling round Aberdeen and Leith’s GT4. We popped down for some spanking burgers and pizza with pints in Frankies.

Great meet, thanks to all who showed up :D

Ja Ne

JAE 2010

Here’s JAE in photos from how I seen the weekend. Or didnt as the case may be.

The JAE Weekender, Something we as a group have been going to for a long time now! First off joining other clubs such as the Honda Tech UK stand, The Lexus Owners club and then finally a few years ago; The first ‘Minty Fresh’ stand! Last year we went under the JDMtas name and we took home the gold for Best club of the show 2009!

We entered again this year under JDMtas and had a cracking time away! Spawned over several days down in sunny Kettering, We started our long wekeend off with an early morning wake up call on the Thursday. With about 30+ members we took sale to the roads and begun our 9 hours drive south!

The drive didnt take too long to be honest, or it didnt seem so. There was pretty much no break downs or problems other than some people falling behind, others getting off at the wrong services or missing their turn off and the likes, but it was rather smooth.

We got to JAE to find, There was no ‘Low Bawler Entrance’ which we had been promised from last year.. so the MX5 got stuck on several speed mountains, which was a shame and didnt do my sump any favours!

For those who didnt go, you missed a fair weekend – There cant be much more said about this event, other than JDMtas getting 2 black flags by the Friday… Sorry John! First being with Dan doing some sideways entrance as he finally got down.. the second with my reversing into a fellow club’s banner. Bad times, however bills were paid, hands were shook and we got on with the weekend! Was a cracker of a time!

This car right here did it for me – Once id seen this, All other cars just seemed tame. A Toyota Chaser JZX100. The only 100 at the show and i fell in love! Rest as you see it!…

-Ja Ne!

Kei Chan – New Shoes

Over a certain period of owner ship, you really do get attached to these cars.. upon selling them, is almost the similar feeling of your dog running away.. Its always good to come across your old ride to which you’v poured all your funds and time into.

The new owner of the s15 has been doing her proud with a full range up crazy upgrades, Mr Hawkins has just fired me through this snap of Kei chan with her new shoes on.. Think we can all agree.. looks the part ;) Keep up the progress mate.


Mata Ne x

A visit to K-Style, Nihonmatsu

While up drifting at the world famous Ebisu, Andy took me in past K-Style to meet Kumakubo-san, and see some of their line up for the 2010 seasons ahead.

Located up in Nihonmatsu, its safe to say, things there are a little more laid back from the busier city type of the gaijin populated Tokyo.

Read more.. 続きを読む

KEI CHAN – Gone.. yet not forgotten..

While browsing the MX5nutz forum, A member named Galliano posted up this shot of Kei down at last years JAE.

I must put a thanks out there, As its actually a good snap of her! Arigato^^ – I try not ever stick up photo’s that I didnt take, its just what Iv been going for since I started up ‘mintofruit‘ years back. However, I was asked tonight where the s15 was by chance haha.

It seems this s15 keeps popping up now and again on various blogs / forums, Its funny coming across it and seeing what peoples thoughts are. Im also, yet to see another one to this style.. Is that telling me something? :p hehe. Defo marmite maybe? You decide.

The s15 is now in the hands of a lad way way down the road, With the plans in store for Kei such as new BRIDES, Bigger turbo, Hydro handbrake, some SSR SP1’s and a BN Widebody Blister kit.. its not only going to look totally different.. but epic super bawler spec! Im looking forward to seeing the updates.. yet at the same time, Im so not! :p hehe.

Thanks again to Galliano for the pic!

Ja ne