Day 33


The rear bumper skin was a Bomex piece. A fiberglass shell which fits over the OEM bumper. I fitted this purely because I didn’t come across anything else! The rear end is pretty damm  narrow and make it look just ‘odd’ from the back.. In some angles it looked ok, but in most.. I grew to hate it.

Its about time, someone stepped up to make some new bumpers..

Day 31 – Happy New Year !


Happy New Year to all. Hope your all having a good one.

Day 30 of the roll.


Hardparking for the last time. I took these photo’s because I knew it would not stay like this for very long. Alot of people would be surprised when it had no front end. It was fine.

Day 29


Vindi Duckbill spoiler. Vindi is a member of the forum. A UK based MX5 forum and IMO one of the best this side of the pond.

Vindi is a good lad. He’s always up to something new and creative. This wing took the market when first released and did really well.. I had to have one.

Day 28


One of those truck shots. Had to park under it when we came across this in the middle of no where. The one good thing about Scotland is the country side.