Romantic Break Downs

After the run up to Finalboss, I figured we’d spent enough time on cars, and that I’d take Soph to the west coast for a break from it. Sadly, pre flight checks were missed, and well.. drift car.

The weather however was amazing, and whilst the car was ‘working’, I figured it was time for Soph to get some miles done.

The drive to the Westcoast is roughly 4-5 hours from our house, Epic touge roads in the middle of no where. The Chaser was doing alright so far 😉

Then around maybe 3 hours into our drive, The exhaust decided to fall off the hangers, Fairly sure it was due to ditch dropping at Driftland and bending it a bit.. Needless to say, It dragged and got annoying fast.  

After several more stops, Me taking a large spanner to the BN aero and ‘modifying’ it to fit the newly adjusted exhaust.. We eventually made it to the Hotel, Needless to say we were a little out of place here. :p

We stayed in the Loch of Glen Coe, which looks out into Loch Leven, not to far from Fort William. The views were amazing!

After some food and a some chill by the water, We figured it might be a wise idea.. to .. RAISE the car before we drove home, As we really couldnt go more than 40 mph for 10 minutes, before it fell off again. Who’d of thought a Romantic night away would result in poor Soph having to help adjust coilovers in a dress.. in a hotel carpark, surrounded by kids and tourists. :p

One hotel resident said to me, “Im waiting for you to turn it on, so it’ll go up!” – “Ah, It doesnt do that.” – “WHAAA…” I guess the Westcoast doesnt see much drift cars round these parts.

The next mornings view from the hotel restaurant.   

It was raining, As we had expected. (Hence why coils were done the night before :p ) We also noted that one of the SSR’s was waaaay down on pressure, However the sunken valves make it near on impossible, to find any air outlets to pump it back up again.We tried some hard ware stores, Bike stores, Petrol stations etc but no joy. So we got some metal cable ties and a pressure gauge, and swapped over the spare cosmis onto the back. However it was a 215 not a 225.

Right outside a local police station :S :S :S ^^^  

We figured we’d make our way to the next few villages and towns and check out their garages for a valve extender, oh and also to hit up the Seal pup wild life rescue place.

The roads though, are amazing. Corners and bends everywhere, loads of smooth surfaces and the potential to make a sick street video is there, I guess the temptation got the better of me.. Approaching a rather empty round about I figured it would be a wise move, to pull off a boss skid and exit like a champ..

However it resulted in this..

Pressure was too low on the other SSR and it popped straight off like the bitch it is.. Needless to say, I dont think poor Sophie was very impressed :S .. However, I had already used my spare wheel .. and we were even further from home at this point..

So stuck on the other flat SSR and went to the wildlife park ! 😀

This place was pretty cool, We got to see loads of sea life and some weird things, as well as the pups and this coconut ice cake. After 5 minutes to relax, we figured it would be wise to sort something out with the tyre situation to get us home.. No 3G and no Wifi though and no idea where we were..

Eventually after some help from home, we were on our way towards a Kwik Fit in Oban, as well I figured, if anyone can help around here.. it’ll be a tyre place.

However the streets of Oban, did not expect a JZX100 in pink with a very rough sounding JZ. Coming over the brow of this hill, presented flooded streets of people, We were thrown in a very populated people zone and I dont think they liked my anti social car.

It was a royal mission getting there though with all their stupid way one systems etc, and needless to say the lad there wasn’t really up for fitting my tyre back on the wheel :p “Its stretched already before it goes on a bead..” So, filled the other one up.. and off we went.

We stopped shortly after for another cake break and some refreshments.

Then shortly after, our mates showed up in the same random little Cafe’ totally out of the blue.. Was weird,

Then we spotted these two :p

The rain came down however and quickly soaked us back to the bone, so it was a good time to get moving and start the mission home, Aviemore is about half way though, So we stopped for some Italian pizza on route 😉

Soph I feel, was a little fed up with Drift car problems.. Thankfully, Cake is there to help these times.  

Almost home, one of our local Touges. The original ‘Drift Land’. Before there was a driftland track :D.

All in all, It was a good wee trip and some amazing sights to be seen, Not sure how she puts up with it all really. The car took us home eventually, Need to go back, when it works.

– Ja Ne


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