Its Over, but not done.

I have come across this draft I had obviously typed up after my season drifting in the Northern Drift Championship, Its old but I figured it was worthy of a post. Since this place hasnt been updated in a while.

2012 I decided to enter the NDC. The NDC Is held at Teesside Autodrone and consists of 4 rounds per season. Within the round there is 3 classes. Novice, Semi-Pro and Pro. You choose yourself what level you should be in and there is not advantage of saying your better than you are!
I entered round 1 in Novice. With no idea on the track layout or who else would enter I figured it was a safe bet since seat time for me this year has been at an all time low. I was happy with Novice class.
Round 1 I used the MX5. It was the second time I had driven a real track (First being Mallory) and I was having a hard time with the lack of power however my crail clutch kick foot was in full effect and I went home that day with a third place trophy! The trophy tipped it for me as Round 1 was probably the best round out of the rest for me.

Round 2 I used the MX5 again.. Only this time; we swapped out the NA 1.8 engine to the NB 1.8. Reason being was the old engine was only running on 3 cylinders and after a compression test we figured it would be a good shout before the thing blew up on track. We also uprated the ARB’s and after a crash I had with a motorbike we replaced the steering rack / rods and ends.

This round didn’t go so well for me. Even less power with no VIC’s connected, tied in with lack of seat time and personal issue’s; seen me storm off after the practice day not wanting to return the following day.. Although not at the time, I was happy I did looking back as I came home with 4th.

Round 3 for me was probably the main reason I chose not to return for Round 4 bar my other reasons stated above. I witnessed something for the first time at Teesside this round and its something I wont ever forget..

On the Saturday we had very limited seat time, this was due to the fact that there was a 24 hour go-kart event the night before, along with the vast amount of cars it was to be expected seat time would be at an all time low. I myself was pretty bummed about it but not to the extent others were. After some ‘cheeky’ slides in the pits by another drifter the organizers came down to let them know.. “They cant do that!” – However this did not go down well with the driver who had paid £120 to have 1 or 2 laps that day.

Insults were slung, hands were waving, and helmets almost went through windscreens while the pair shouted it out. It was heated.. It was awkward and for first time UK comp runners like myself, it was off putting.. This was what we had to look forward to going up against? Grown men with ego’s bigger than the turbo’s they ran? Grown men really going that fucking mental for lack of seat time? I mean with all due respect if ANY of us were to be complaining to that height it would be us lot from Scotland.. considering we are used to a free for all open SXOC drift day where seat time is maximum!

This changed the face of comp drifting for me. It took the fun out of the sport and without the fun there is no point. Any man and his dog now feels he can step up to the plate in a s-body and roll like DK.. Which is decent. People complain however I welcome it. The more drifting the better.. However in comp drifting, not so much.

I ended up coming home again with another Trophy that day in the JZX. I got third after qualifying Second place. I was stoked considering I hadn’t used the car in almost a year! So to say this season was mix and max’d for me could be an understatement!

I have said this since the G1GP.. Comp drifting isnt fun, its alot of sitting about and not alot of drifting. Before you turn that key think to yourself what the reason is for you drifting.. is it to get E-Fame? Is it to show off to piers? To crash the car? Or is it to have as much fun as possible? Cause if it is.. id avoid heading the comp route and stick to your local skid day.

Jen and the team IMO have put on a damm good event this year and I cant thank them enough for it. I can’t begin to imagine the difficulties that pop up trying to sort this kind of thing out! You all did a bloody good job especially Jen for putting up with most of the shit and bitching! Without the NDC I wouldnt of had the chance to meet the people I met. Getting to see other teams and speak to the other drivers on a face to face level without the shoulder of the internet in their corners.. and everyone I met were really sound guys and happy to help out at any time. Im looking forward to meeting you all again.

Alot can be said for Crail and despite her harsh surface and abnormal weather conditions the place is a god send. We up here are lucky to have and I urge anyone who is even slightly interested.. get to Crail. Its the most fun you will ever have in a car. EDIT – Driftland exists aswell now, even more options!

So to sum this post up folks? That classic phrase.. “Keep Drifting Fun.” It starts with you. Next time your in the paddocks moaning and shouting about some bullshit.. ask yourself, “Is there any point to being this f*cked off?” if the answer is no.. then calm it the fuck down. Take a second to think how it will effect others and how they will then see you; because at the end of the day.. who cares? Its pricking about in a car wasting tyres.. its meant to be fun!

Mata Ne.

Pic’s thanks to Weiner / Garage LSD. Track Slide photography and Team Turtle.


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