8 Days In. Specs

8For those who are bored. Here’s the full spec list that I can recall off the top of my head…


ARC Intake chamber
ARC Intake box

ARC filter
ARC Oil Cap
ARC Rad Cap (Its the little things)
Uprated alloy rad
Twin fan switch set up
PS Removed
Random US cat back set up


RS Watanabe R Type 15×8 ET0 / 15×8.5 ET0 + Wat Cone caps + Wat valve caps + Titanium wheel nuts
Driftworks HSD Coilovers

EBC Cross drilled / Grooved + Green stuff pads (f) / OEM pads (r)
Fully polybushed
All arms powdercoated Minty.Fresh green
All suspension bolts replaced
Driftworks s14 front brake lines
Super Seel track rods
Super NOW FC3s track rod ends
OEM Torsen diff (Works a treat!)
Cusco front strut bar
Cusco rear strut bar
TR Lane GPD Half roll bar + Diagonal + Harness bar


Autokonexion Front lip
Autokonexion 30mm Rear Overfenders
Project-G Side Fusers
Project-G G-Wing
Bomex rear bar
OEM Wings rolled + flared!
Vindi duckbill wing
Pointy race mirrors!
Smoked indicators


Bride non recliner (d) on Custom rails
Bride recliner (p) on Bride rails
Bride full cushion set up
TAKATA Harnesses
6x Cup Holders
Dildo shift knob (With disco lights)
Deep dish white wheel + Bullet horn
Stupid long hydro handle + wilwood cylinder
Driftworks hydro lines
Double Din JDM Headunit (Includes disco effect)
STACK Oil temp gauge
STACK Volt gauge
STACK Water temp gauge
PIVOT 80mm Tacho gauge
Sleepy Eye kit
Under seat Kenwood sub
FLY Speakers (This was my daily)
D1 Snap off kit



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