Day 1 – Tribute

I’am going to post up a sequence of photo’s from the Project-G shoot I did. It’ll take far too long to upload them now; so I’am going to upload one a day for a few months.

So if you wanna see the Minty.Fresh 5 before she died a heroes death barrel rolling through the skies of Crail. Doing what she did best. Third gear constant clutch kick abuse. Rest In Peace Boso Basher. Then check back. Oh and I don’t have Facebook, So someone post this up for me. Ta.

This was the shoot where I was told that the car was ‘too used’ by a certain ‘performance magazine’. However I can assure you all; It was never meant to be a show pony.. I did however wash it; for one of the first times ever in its life, and took some photos for some friends across the pond. Thanks to Project-G! Keep doing your thing.



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