The night before the morning.

Why Toyota. Why make everything so simple and straight forward. Then you just go mad on the inside!….

20120908-014331 AM.jpg

20120908-014339 AM.jpg

20120908-014348 AM.jpg

20120908-014344 AM.jpg
Then pack..

20120908-014427 AM.jpg

20120908-014431 AM.jpg

20120908-014435 AM.jpg
Still have a Soph to collect and two more tyres. Hmm… Wonder if I’ll meet my match with the size of this car..

This many tyres lasted a matter of laps at ebisu. Thankfully we won’t have that kinda heat.

You’ll also notice the subframe locking collars has raised the car some at the rear. I figured id leave it for Crail tomorrow considering the surface was pretty rough last time I was there.. The Mazda took a beating!

20120908-022022 AM.jpg



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