Teesside took its toll..

Well. Was given a surprise today which wasn’t too nice to see.
20120901-071047 PM.jpg
I headed round to Jites today to fit my JZX110 front arms, with newly fitted TRD bushings (Thanks to Jay and Jites for the help) and when the wheel came off..
20120901-071227 PM.jpg20120901-071235 PM.jpg20120901-071242 PM.jpg20120901-071249 PM.jpg20120901-071254 PM.jpg
As you can see the profound is now a bit bend. We noticed the tyre wasn’t holding air and now I see why. No damage on any arms of anything but there is a red marking which I can only assume is from running the Teesside rumble strips backwards when I had my several offs. Probably the same off that fried the HID bulb and blew the lip up.
20120901-071524 PM.jpg20120901-071536 PM.jpg20120901-071540 PM.jpg
However the best thing was.. Because the intake needed shifted for the bulb.. Jites found a random filter 😉 boost.
20120901-071628 PM.jpg20120901-071632 PM.jpg
Poor bus.



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