Refresh – ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

Tuesday before Teesside.

20120822-030104 AM.jpg

20120822-030117 AM.jpg
I figured it would be a shout to change the 1JZ oil. It went pretty smoothly tbh.

20120822-030254 AM.jpg

20120822-030304 AM.jpg
1x 14mm socket on a bar and a bucket was all that was required.

20120822-030351 AM.jpg

20120822-030407 AM.jpg

Oh a good tip I found was jack the pass side higher to get the oil out.

20120822-030536 AM.jpg
As you can see, we removed the lip. It was hardly on and needed some new fibreglass.
The previous owner has cut the oem bumper. Added a bucket full of double sided tape and silicon. So removed that.

20120822-030807 AM.jpg

20120822-030815 AM.jpg

20120822-030827 AM.jpg
Eventually after the oil stopped…

20120822-030902 AM.jpg
I refilled it again.

20120822-030934 AM.jpg

20120822-030947 AM.jpg
After levels were checked we Made an effort to fit the grill.. However wasn’t a fan.

20120822-031241 AM.jpg

20120822-031249 AM.jpg

20120822-031257 AM.jpg
So that got swapped back and the badge removed.

20120822-031331 AM.jpg

20120822-031339 AM.jpg

20120822-031346 AM.jpg
After a munch stop we got to the lip.

20120822-031424 AM.jpg

20120822-031431 AM.jpg

20120822-031445 AM.jpg

20120822-031500 AM.jpg

20120822-031517 AM.jpg

20120822-031530 AM.jpg

20120822-031540 AM.jpg
Just some basic glassing. Some bits were touch and go before we started so surprise tbh. Lol.

20120822-031731 AM.jpg
Thunder and lightning begun. The rain got heavier.

20120822-031806 AM.jpg

20120822-031822 AM.jpg

20120822-031829 AM.jpg

20120822-031840 AM.jpg

20120822-031847 AM.jpg
After a few hours sanding and fillering. We got to paint.

20120822-032005 AM.jpg

20120822-032011 AM.jpg

20120822-032019 AM.jpg

20120822-032025 AM.jpg
No where near perfect. But in one piece.
But white wouldn’t do..

20120822-032105 AM.jpg

20120822-032149 AM.jpg



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