The bus is departing.. All aboard.

Well. It’s about time this blog got some treatment. It’s been far too long since an update so here goes. A part for my build.

20120820-113052 PM.jpg

20120820-113111 PM.jpg
I got a call from Mr TeaCake (a.k.a TK) the other day asking me to get the car ready for photos. The sun was shining and his finger was on the trigger.. Despite me not being happy with how the car was yet I thought why not and get the cleaning shit out.

20120820-113957 PM.jpg
Now. I haven’t really had to clean a car in a while. The mx5 just got painted when it got dirty. Was a lot more fun, however I made an effort despite the fact the pearl is still hidden under the grime from a year of sitting.

20120820-114125 PM.jpg

20120820-114135 PM.jpg
The shoot was as always a good laugh and great to see thacko’s range of photography equipment getting larger each time! So keep an eye out
For those to come.

Another lad was already there when I showed; by the name of Derek. I was presented with this totally on the deck seat Leon.

20120820-114443 PM.jpg

20120820-114533 PM.jpg

20120820-114543 PM.jpg

20120820-115139 PM.jpg
This so happens to be a slab of the cake Sophie, Klare and Natalie made me for my birthday. A mario cake. Notice the marshmallow goomba. It’s pretty damn nice!

20120820-115250 PM.jpg
I made a call to a friend of mine by the name of Mr Forbes. The man is a fully armed window tint machine and if you need a job done, you go to him. I had no doubt that the bus needed some of skills.

20120820-115408 PM.jpg
Originally I was going to go for limo black on the rear 3 and a light for the front, however after seeing dark I went for that! Upon the news of 3 points per window on the front.. It was a very easy choice to leave those alone. Rather not risk the hassle.

20120820-115537 PM.jpg

Mr G turned up also to give me a hand. Remember those terrible rear amber reflectors, there gone now however they left a rather nice mess. I had tried to get rid of it but as I said, Im not much of a cleaner now. He got one side out fine but the other, had been lacquered over the top of. Nice.

20120820-115547 PM.jpg
No surprise I was delighted with the results. Took the ‘goldfish’ element away from it; don’t you think?

20120820-115656 PM.jpg
A shot of Mr Forbes’ SiR-S, previously owned by Al from alscarstuff.

20120820-115818 PM.jpg
Later that day I headed back to see Mr D. Catch up on how his progress is, took the chance to snap some side by side shots to go get it in my head.. This thing ain’t mx5 sized!!!

20120820-115959 PM.jpg

20120820-115952 PM.jpg

20120820-115933 PM.jpg
Then today.. It was a much needed drive to our local Autoparts. We heard Ian s15 was in our area so we went to see him out. Haha.

20120821-120121 AM.jpg

20120821-120131 AM.jpg

20120821-120140 AM.jpg
Although your thinking not much was spent on the oil, my guess was. New oil is better than old oil. The oil hasn’t been changed in at least a year, so it makes sense before the NDC round 3 this weekend coming…
And with Ian making such a trip south, it would be stupid not to get some free advertising…. Right!?..

20120821-120348 AM.jpg

20120821-120704 AM.jpg

That wraps today up nice. Tomorrow I change oil and start to remake the front lip. Will report back.
Now.. If someone can just confirm the 97′ 1JZ single turbo takes 5litres? I know the 93′ 2JZ does but what about this one.. Answers on a postcode!
Ja ne.



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