Stu’s FC3S – Minty.Fresh X Chizfab

This weekend past was the Alford Speedfest event. There was a shed load of car’s on display mostly super cars to be honest.. however in the middle of it all sat this FC3S 😉 I was told no one took a second look at the rex until he went out on track and put on a show for the people.. I however missed it which was gutting however I was told it was a fair show.

Also met up with Al from Al’s car stuff at the event. Thats one thing I like most about these little country events.. when you stumble across internet famous people.. or to me, just a good friend who I havent seen for too long.. The following image was taken from Al’s blog. Check it out if you havent done so already however.. going by the ratings.. Al’s blog is doing pretttty well 😉 Good shit man.

With a ‘powerful engine’ and some ‘drift tyres built with metal bits’ it was no wonder the smoke was pouring out the back.. 😉


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