Snows back

Well the season hasnt been up to much. However today’s riding at the Gorms was pretty decent.
Fresh powder, sunny skies, new board. Was a mix of win!

20120121-020320 AM.jpg
2012 libtech skate banana 156W. After my last season Burton Blunt decided to blow up I needed a new ride. The mrs thankfully decided to treat me to this deck thanks to Gordon at Granite Reef. Check out their lib range now!

20120121-020516 AM.jpg
The board was amazing. So much pop, flex and jibs. The Gorms has a select park option which you have to walk to but my god it was worth it. T-Bar to the top and your in for 3 butter plates (mid, wide and narrow) a hop to it box, a rail then a sweet kicker all in a nice even row. Was sick!

20120121-020718 AM.jpg

20120121-020735 AM.jpg

Not sure how the photos will turn out but it was super fun. Heading back up tomorrow for more slides 🙂 can’t wait. Riding fresh powder again got me addicted fast. This board butters sooooo well, I swear I can hop like 3x higher as well lol.

20120121-020906 AM.jpg

Oh and how’s this for a winter beater?…

20120121-020938 AM.jpg

20120121-020952 AM.jpg

Anyway that’s most my pictures for the day. Since I got shot of Facebook I can stick Em up here again and make things worth while.

20120121-021045 AM.jpg

Although there was a good amount of sweet spots the following pics will show u just how bad our season has been so far..

20120121-021126 AM.jpg

20120121-021148 AM.jpg

But hey. Scottish Snowboarding. Who cares. Ha! Until tomorrow!
Ja Ne!



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