that boso..

Here’s a few shots ‘mid paint’ of my Eunos – Iv been working on this for a few months to get it ready for todays drift event at Crail. Alas, the plans, did not go to plan.

The car was in a certain garage to get work done, long story short, they werent happy with the car being a bit ‘used’ (i.e. subframe scraping, a bushing fell out) so after charging me for their ‘time’ I got in touch with a friend of a friend, who could do the job at his workshop. With the car running around -5′ of camber on the front, it handled terrible! So you can imagine after months and months of having it sitting on stands, the day when I had it back again, on the back roads.. I was happy, VERY happy!

Alas, good things usually come with an equal. About 10 minutes from my house I encountered a very large deer, who helped me spent some more hard earned.. lame.

As you can see, headlight was totalled. No surprise really. Wing, indicator, lens, lid, motor and those super bright Raybrig headlight bulbs i picked up in Autobacs. Gutted.

I was beginning to really panic now, this was Tuesday.. around 2am. I had to leave on Friday, at 8am. Which left me.. Wednesday and Thursday, both of which I was working. I set to it and got some parts ordered up and sent up to my door before the end of Thursday and took a day off work to get the car fixed and road ready for the drive down.

Basically, I got it done, along with a new exhaust system (from the US) which is amazing. Got the whole car painted and made the deadline for yesterday morning. However, I had brake issues.. big ones, it almost put a stop to the drift day, but we got there..

More photos and info to come on the full paint job and from todays drift practice at crail.

Ja Ne



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