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Well this has been an ongoing issue all weekend down in the London direction of the UK. I have been following the thread on Driftworks and Japspeeds Facebook page all day.

(Picture thanks to drifted)

There has been a massive flow of support thanks to the members over on Driftworks with a running update down to seconds and sightings all day. People heading out and sitting at various locations on the M25 and various other spots its possible to swing past. Infact as I type Mitto and others are out in the MK area scoping out the place for any updates on what the hell is going on – Crimestoppers are involved, various regional police departments and only tonight, it was shown on the BBC London news!

(Dont know who owns this picture im afraid – contact me)

So at the Performance Vauxhall show at Santa Pod yesterday the car was connected up (Battery) and driven right out the grounds. At first question was coming in to if this was a pro job or not, stolen to order as well.. this car runs a 1JZ 400+hp engine RWD set up, unique to this car so the parts arnt exactly something you can stick up on eBay and expect a quick sale. However a video was released of the car about 1 hour and 15 minutes later spotted on the M25 heading the Heathrow direction.

The car was stolen around 6.30pm so this would tie in correctly – Now the car only has a small fuel tank, So they must be making quick stops or they have spare cans with them.

Anyway, More information has been coming through all the time about possible sightings and its where abouts. This image was released of the car leaving the Santa Pod exit.

Here is one of the latest quick reports from Mitto, one of the dudes out on the scene at the moment.

11/06 100% confirmed seen on the M25 (video proof)

11/06 suspected to be in windsor, wolf lane area

12/06 suspected sightings by josh crofty in milton keynes, fullers slade, seen on weavers hill and shermans

12/06 suspected sighting by kye hedges in Hertford, then heading along the A414 into hetfield, hilltop.

Here is the report from the BBC

There is a reward going out to anyone with information on this. If anyone has any detailed know how or serious info then contact Crimestoppers ASAP! Contact details on next image.

Although there has been a massive positive response on this matter from like minded drifters, there is still the odd nut who feels the need to joke and laugh about this and through conspiracy theories all over the shop aimed at Team Japspeed. Its unreal, thankfully we can all ignore that and get on with the matter at hand. I really hope this is brought to justice shortly and those caught, are dealt with.. correctly.

Driftworks Thread

Team Japspeed Facebook Page

Ja Ne!




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