Japspeed Scoob FOUND!

It was released this morning around the early hours of Monday 13th that the Japspeed Subaru Impreza was found in a back street in Reading!

I updated the noonefresher blog 5 minutes after it was announced by Team Japspeed. Here are some day light photos showing just how they found the car.

As you can by this photo, the car has been returned now safey to the correct hands and can be inspected for damage and missing parts. The spoiler has gone along with the rear over fenders (which are inside the car)

The rear lights were in the boot and the stickers down this side were almost totally gone! Its just aswell the found it when they did or it could of ended up just another looking scoob!

Here’s the shot of the wings in the back. Guess it was a quicker way then peeling those stickers off.

The bumpers gone too but I dont know if Japspeed have that or not at this point. It looked missing in the early morning photos.

Lights in the boot.

So all wells that ends well. No word on if the cops have those guilty for this yet, plenty of rumors going around as you can expect. Were just happy this is all over with and hopefully in the future.. we wont have to do this again. Needless to say this will have done good things for Japspeed over the weekend, alot of people were helping them out! Good job to the Driftworks community and various other clubs out hunting.

Ja Ne!




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