TK & Myself head on down to London – For a chromeo concert.. and end up in Fabric Live!?..

Being massive Chromeo fans that we are, when the opportunity arose for us to head south of the border to go check these dudes out jamming some g-tar and talk box we had to ensure there was no way we were gonna miss out! We got our tickets super early, sorted the flights out.. hotels.. basic plans for what else to do and see and 3 weeks before the gig.. it was announced Chromeo has cancelled their London show, due to a sore throat .. Pretty miffed off, TK checked up and found out DJ Hype was playing live at Fabric Live that night, so we decided to maintain our plans and get on board our flight outa the granite city scape!

London is one place, im not a fan of. If I could avoid going to that city in the future, I will indeed try my hardest not to. So you can imagine I wasnt exactly too stoked on going especially since Dave and P Thug had pulled out. However, Tk convinced me it would be some good times to be had and I did need a break from work and the norm.. So meh. One thing about London I came to realise was just how, ‘fake’ it was.. I could best describe it like going to Lego Land. Everything was so false and just ‘there’. Non the less, there was some cool shit to see as a tourist.

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This was the space observatory was a plan to see – TK was right, that place had some super cool stuff inside.

One thing in amongst all the space ships, and cool info was ALOT of talk on what seemed to be an up and coming event. ‘Deep Impact’ – The end of the world kinda stuff.. and there was posters up for it EVERYWHERE. Now Im going to post this now, on the 11th of June 2011 that I actually read something yesterday, about a man who had been spoken to be someone else, and was told that by the end of next year there is meant to be an asteroid which will come kinda close the earth according to NASA, it will miss the place he said however the panic caused afterwards is meant to be pretty wild.. so they say, Could this be a way for them to get the hint out there to drop into our sub conscious? Or is it just by chance lol. Either or, if it goes tits up next year.. you heard it here first folks :p

One of the other things at the Space place was the time line. I have to admit, if you or anyone you know paid to go see that.. you got bumped. Mega glad at times like this, we were acting typical skint scots. Anti-Climax.

Non other than the TK himself – Checking some stills on the old bust a move.

As to be expected with London.. there was loads of this kinda shit.

Some cool ass buildings by banks and the likes.

One of the only decent cars we seen in the whole place!

Although.. there was a party boat! Now this was cool, this party boat went up and down the river just raving all day and night. Was pretty decent.

Repping hard.

Lets see what else there is to comment on. Drink.

What kinda trip would it be.. if you didnt go and snoop around the Mi6 building? So much so.. we almost got arrested. No joke!

The Domestic police shortly showed face screaming down the road with the blues and twos, guns drawn handcuffs out. I snapped this shot of the bacon roll as they winged past before the domestic 5 series raced up.. To say they were unhappy would be an understatment.

Bags searched, ID’s taken for checking, questions asked, memory cards looked at, flight info passed, hotels given, reason for being alive asked for etc etc. Section 44, a magical section where it dosnt matter who you are, or what you are doing you can be stopped and searched for anything.. its not actually legal according to the European Union 😉 Its actually against the human rights, but hey.. its a police state. We know this now.

However it was worth a talking to and being raped of personal information, just for this shot. They may be sneaky buggers with there death pills and pen bombs, but there is no question, that.. is a cool house! I asked the copper, ‘Is it true there’s 6 floors underground the Mi6??’ he couldnt answer me lol!

Dont ask me to translate.. I dunno. However it was pretty hard hitting to see all these people, out there speaking for their beliefs. There was people protesting for all sorts of things, The war on Iraq, Masons killing people, showing photos of injured babies, people who had been jailed for stuff etc. We got speaking and met some sound dudes.

This dude (Forgot his name) was protesting after being jailed for 6 years for doing nothing.. Now, I heard this man out. Everyone has a story right? I felt it only right to hear his. He was accused for drug selling and put in prison. He is putting his own life on the line now, to plead its a load of shit. Now, usually id of thought, that if someone was to have gotten busted for that, then they wouldnt go out publicly and tell the world it happened.. right? I mean surely if he’s done the crime he’d just get on with it.. why would he go so far out of his way to tell us all if it wasnt true what he was saying? He was beaten inside, tortured by these prison guys. For no reason. His life is now ruined and for what he thinks was only for a financial benefit to those in charge. He told me that the government receive up to £40,000 per annum to hold someone in prison for that 1 year, and he said that over the time he was locked up, they would have gotten around £240,000. Thats alot of easy money..

I dunno, Its one of these things you will never know for fact what the deal is, however the look in his eyes when he told us about being followed 24/7, How people dont serve him in shops now, how his friends and family have been made to leave him alone, people in shops signal others to make sure they all know he was in jail for ‘giving their children drugs’ when the reality of it is.. even IF he was, the drugs he got, would be straight from the hands who are dishing out the penalty.. Its a dangerous circle im afraid, and people do.. have to live with this. However he told me has nothing more to live for, but to get his message across for some form of justice. He said he’ll now die for this cause as if he doesnt, there is no point to living. Bold statement.

Well.. this is more than obvious really.. I’ll leave it at that lol.

Thats Part 1, Part 2 is to come when I clear out the cards I have sitting about – Few more snaps in there for you, There we have it – Fingers crossed after the Japan stop in August, i’ll never have to go back there! The sheer feeling alone of getting back to Aberdeen was unreal.. no cameras, no people, noone watching your every move.. its like being on Big Brother, im honestly not joking! The air coming out of Aberdeen Airport felt so fresh and clean compared to London’s fakery.

Keep your London – Im done with it.

Mata Ne




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