She’s baaack..

That boso bashing miata was out yesterday for the first drift day of the year at Crail. Hydro in and it was time to lock it up!

We got home really late last night – The drive home was horrible.. Semi Slicks in rivers dont work :/ After a quick break at Dundee for scran we headed off.. I caught up with Scotty from SXOC and noted that his Zenki 14 didnt look to be in the best of health… within 7 miles of leaving, the bottom end went. We tried what we could and eventually got a tow truck to come past.. 2 HOURS! So with the long drive ahead we decided to carry on.

By the time we got back.. Outside of Aberdeen was a white out! It make driving.. hmm, hard. The front lip acted like a plow however somehow.. it survived. Looks like Wes was right when he said they were solid! I had no tripod and I was shattered but you get the idea 🙂

This was a good day.. despite whats been going on in Japan, Iv been stressed out.. mega worried for all my friends over there. I hope they pull through.

-Ja Ne


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