UPDATE: Kyle’s DC2 & Jordan’s NA8

Last two weekends have been busy ones. Involving fitting 2 set’s of coilovers and fitting various wheels. Not to mention the odd arch rolling service via some handy trolley jack handles.

Last Saturday we had Kyle’s teg up first. Rolling round on what we thought were OEM Shocks & springs.. I was very surprised to see.. ‘HKS’ Stamped, On springs all round! That explains the over stiff ride his DC had going on. Shame it didn’t mend the crazy space hopper height! Not to worry, Armed with a brand new set of BC Coilovers and a blow torch.. We cracked on with the job in hand!

Alas; I took nil snaps of the work being done.. as, well; I was doing the work :p So instead. Some snaps of the end results.

Here we have a snap of Jordan’s XXR02’s – 15×8 ET0. Very nice fit on an MX5 with a slight roll and flare.

Read on for more photos from the day…

So; Where were we? Ah yes.. Kyle’s DC2. So. Its low.. what next? This car is in need of some serious TLC! He knows this.. I feel his pain when it comes to a financial cripple.. I think id be preaching to the choir here when I say the recession has taken its toll on pretty much all of us now.. The big turbo’s are up for sale.. the police are cracking down on dirty number plates, being as useless as humanly possible.. and along side their pointless ‘made-up’ fine system they invent on the spot.. the price of fuel is pretty much making any chance we get at spending a good wad on our pride and joys.. a sudden thing of the past! Damm shame to be honest..

Spacers are a must. He knows this, I know this.. we all know this. The paint is in need of a touch up all round.. however this photo show’s rather well just how good our roads are turning out after this rather short, yet sharp winter. Good to see the council are keeping on top of them.. as per usual? HA! I tell you.. this place is going to the gutters..

Here’s a shot I took for Lynch more so than Kyle – He’s right, this photo does indeed show the lines of the DC2 rather well. Also I feel it backs up my opinion on that they dont need their OEM spoiler to pull off that ‘sporty’ look! I have to say, Kyle’s DC is by far one of my favourites around. Not because he’s my best mate.. but because hes got the nuts to not care about what others think.. those being the purist’s more so. With his future plans in the air, Im as excited as he is to see this when were all done 🙂

Another arty shot showing you just how happy she sits now. Still retains the practical aspect of the car, yet now hugs the tarmac alot better. Also rocking the original Minty.Fresh stickers 😉 Good lad!

So kyle – Coil’s done, Sort the wheels and paint.. and we’ll be cooking on gas!

Now, Jordan’s MX5. After not long owning this little car, it was easy to see just how damm clean the body was while jacking her up, and adjusting all the coilovers.

The MX5 OE Arch’s have alot of give on them. We were able to flare them out a good few inches without any issues what so ever. No cripples or waves, no loss of paint.. no heat gun.. just a jack handle and some patience. Once Jordan got into the swing of things.. all 4 were done in no time!

What I found hard to believe that he was rolling on ‘Raceland’ coilovers. These were the first time Id come across ‘cheap’ eBay coils.. and I was impressed! For £189.00 they seem pretty solid imo. With plenty adjustment it seems like a sure winner for getting your MX low quick.. and on a perfect budget!

Here’s an interior shot. Very much the drift inspired theme going on here. Hopefully we’ll see this out on the Crail track soon! The D.I.Y Job on the wheel came out perfect! Nice one!

I’ll finish up this post with a healthy Touge.co.uk plug. Gareth over at touge, is doing an amazing job on keeping the UK/Europe and the rest of the globe happy with his quality sticker selection. Head over now if your keen on some colours. Also, He’s doing the Minty.Fresh gear too! Check it out!

So, I still have alot to sort out – Last year’s Japan photos.. This year’s Japan photos.. pictures from doing Niks s14 today and HEAPS of other random stuff! While planning a holiday back to Japan this august, for the G1GP and summer Matsuri; along with sorting out Minty.Fresh for the better. Keep tuned!

Mata Ne




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