Mintofruit feature in Option 2!

YUP! Just got my copy in from Tim in Japan. The March edition, for the Tokyo Auto Salon.

While Tim and myself where waiting for Dino to finish up a shoot at the Veilside stand, Dai Chan’s daughter walked up to him and started to interview him for Option 2 magazine. She asked him ‘Who do you know here at the Salon?’ and he looked up at me and said ‘I know him’..

With that Mamina Chan and a few Option 2 photographers came rushing up and started asking us questions! :p I showed them the boso Miata and they freaked out! They seemed so surprised when I told them I drifted in Scotland.

So I got in this morning to find another parcel sitting for me. Containing this months edition of Option 2. Containing this plug :p

The orange box says : Mint from Scotland. ^_^ Ace.

Ja Ne



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