Val D’Isere – How to Hit it up!

Well first off – Where have I been? The new minty.fresh blog has eaten my blog time as of recent. Check it out noOnefresher . Finding time to edit pictures up is lacking with JAE coming up fast; and trying to get this Flying Miata drift ready for Crail in a few weeks time.

Non the less, Check these out! Snaps from our recent holiday to France snowboarding up in Val D’isere! This stuff was awsum!

Id read on, This post will be massive! The draft alone has taken me weeks and weeks to finally complete haha.

Right let me first of explain the situation involving this photo we have here. This is indeed a shot of Jay.. sleeping.. in a locker. This is how the story begun, and how it ended..

Myself and Jay, Founders of the original Minty Fresh Crew back in early times, have been best friends since the dawn of days.. However as far as holidays go, We never really ventured further than the classic JAE weekender together. Some how, We ended up in France. Unsure how, why and or really when; This magical tour of complete shandles took off.

Flying out from Edinburgh international airport (sounds fancy huh) we got going; The MFC Support truck sporting a broken drive shaft, loaded us and our kit down the road. We boarded pretty stinking drunk and somehow found ourselves airborne and on the phone to Mr TK San himself – I remember the words.. “DUDE! Your not meant to be on the phone while in the air fool!” – The rest was a blank. Only but these photo’s to fill in the gaps, and the occasional flash backs to reality; and we can tell this tale.

We arrived in Lyon airport in the early afternoon; Thankfully Jay had come to some form of senses and not joined me on the mid flight binge. I came-to on a Zebra crossing; We jumped a free bus and landed in Lyon city centre. No Phone, No iPod, only my bag and board… Whilst on the blower to o2 to cancel the phone, a random French dude turned up and handed me back my Phone. Hmm. Lucky.

We headed into the train station and got onto our train which was taking us as far as Borg St Maurice. Unsure general direction Piere was on hand to help us out – Either or, 5-6 Hours pass, We got caught 3 hours into the journey with no tickets and had to fork up. We slept in the corridor of the train due to sheer confusion more than most. Arriving in St Maurice we were welcomed by .. nothing. One Taxi; 2 Locals and a driver. We shared the run to Val D’Isere with these guys which led us into the best touge iv ever seen; Id go out on a limb and say it was almost better than, the Japanese touge’s iv seen myself! The fee of 100euro’s stung us rotten and it was only the start of a sheer expense!

After the price was paid we got off to the hotel to find.. yet again, nothing. No reception, No information, No people, No noise.. ab-so-lutly NOTHING. At this stage; things got a little desperate. We decided to leave our stuff and treck out into what can only be described as the most random place on earth!

The only place open at this hour was a 24/7 Pizza shed. I call it a shed, as that’s what it was. It was expensive, minimal yet sheer brilliant! Some students who were over on a working holiday were loitering around by us; We could hear from the accents they were from back home; We got speaking and they invited us back to their place for a party! Since it was the end of the season, these dudes were on their last week.. and didn’t give a shit.

We followed (since we had nothing else to do) and headed into what almost seemed like.. hell. I asked Jay to describe this place in 4 words.. “DARK, MINGING, CRACK DEN” – Broken glass showered the hard stone floor, Park benches offered as a means for sleep. A building full of student type, drunken, wasters. We were given free wine and proceeded to end the night the same way the day begun. We were offered a bed for the night, you know.. these guys aint so bad after all huh?

Around 2.10am, A man walks into the room. He stands at the entrance of the ‘group’ sporting a rather odd object. Its non other; than a leg of lamb. Covered in blood.. and wool. Now usually, if this sort of thing were to happen here.. someone would take notice. However no one seemed to either pick up on this, or even care. He bit into the leg and stood munching it, Wool in his teeth, shades on his eyes and blood on his cheeks. Nothing was said. The lone ranger then dropped the leg… the room was silent. With his jet black bare feet.. he smeared the leg into the floor.. glass and all, picked it up, took another bite.. then walked out. The conversation resumed and nothing was mentioned of this random dude… “Riiight” I thought.  Needless to say, we were a tad un easy about this choice of location for the night, not to worry.. as almost like day and night.. The friendly group of strangers, almost snapped into some of the satans wee devil folk. “Your not allowed to stay here! You need to get out! You better not steal our fucking skiis you pickey fucks” pointing to a shady looking pair of skii’s on the side of the floor which looked like Jay had made in his garage… Think its time to leave. We grabbed what wine we could (2 bottles IIRC) and fled for our ‘shut’ hotel at a rather alarming rate of knots. Thus bringing us to the second photo.. of Jay in a locker.

This was the only place we could find to shelter us from the cold. Woken up by the sound of the Hoover, we climbed out or capsule style hotel and headed for reception, were we greeted by a smug looking bugger by the name of.. Piere (There’s a pattern here) “AH HA HA YOU SLEEP IN LOCKER OH HAHA!” the smarmy twat said.. To cut a long story short, we got our keys and went for sleep in our room, Which was real nice by the way! Our front door led onto a massive garden which then was just next to the slopes.. a 1minute walk to and from 😉 Armed with our new-found keys and slumber, we then started a fresh the next day to a fine day Snowboarding… well, maybe not.

All in all, We spent about 1 full day boarding, and  2 halfs.. bit of a fail, It wasnt due to weather though, not at all! However more so due to our several late night party like antics resulting in serious sleep in’s.. waking up to think, ‘Not much point now, let’s get drunk!’ And so it continued.

Our front Garden. As you can see. The view was epic, the weather was fantastic, the drink was better and the local music topped the whole lot of to a perfect T!

As you can see the internet was ‘Pish’ 

So this was pretty much the week in photo’s. I didn’t take the DSLR up the slopes in fear of damaging it, So there’s no shots of the 2 days we did get up. Some of the adventures we got up to included; Climbing helicopters, Apple Pipe, Vod Pot, The Sunglasses Experience, FIND THE BUS, Raves Up Top and numerous other parts which I can’t for legality reasons, post on a public website.

This was the sign outside our local Tobacco store, Check these opening times, 0805? 1605? To sum the French population up in a very stereotypical manner. The one word to use is lazy.

Here’s a pieste map of l’espace killy. Covering Tignes and Val D’Isere. Named after the skiier Jean-Claude Killy and located within the Alps, this resort covers 22 runs, 25 being black, 2 glaciers and 90 lifts. Also, a lot of pubs.. to which we of course, needed to sample each and every one of them! The price of a drink was worth a chuckle. We were drinking local beer with local wine and whisky. It’s easy to get drunk at these kinda heights. Just aswell since we were paying around 30 euro’s for 2 drinks.

It wouldn’t be a French holiday without the custom frog? Right? “Mint, I don’t think you should have spoken to that chick about frogs in france man, She didnt seem too happy!” – Hmm, the thought; didn’t cross my mind! ^^, Needless to say she answered in a some what toned manner.

Jay testing out my new set up in the living room – got air? Burton Blunt 2010 Special supporting some 2011 Spec Limited edition K2 Cinch CTX Bindings.

Jesus in filters.. Just an evening of events.

You said it.

Here we have a shot of the Apple pipe I made, In France they smoke many a different type of flavoured tobacco. mmm Apple.

Jay what ya think? – “Well then – Im just not too sure about any of that!”

Yes Apples. We had to spare.

We did alot of odd, random things while in the hotel room being bored.

I think this is peanut butter and chocolate spread….. again, I don’t know. I do remember playing with my broken fish eye lens though.

This was Jays Marlboro ROBOTS.

Like a christmas hell.

Fear and Loathing comes to mind .. only in France.

And it begins for another night!

The TK was with us. “Urgggg”

A few days into the trip we were coming down some awsum black runs hitting some 360 grabs and came across a rather large outdoor pub. Full to the brim with people dancing, drinking and having a fantastic time. There was a sax player on the roof with a DJ and an MC. The music was some of the most chilaxed id ever heard! We stopped, drank and blanked it.

After a few hours of having a great time, I fell asleep. Stone cold out of it, From what id been told, the Mountain rescue had come to my aid to see if i was ok. “Hes just tired” Jay said.. “A little too much to drink!” .. Jay man, I was un conscious with nothing but Vodka and Whisky (JDV) mixes while dancing at 3000 feet!

“You must not go anywhere” she said, “Wait here until I return and we will skido you down to the bottom”.. Jay said ok and she left. “WAKE UP MAN DAMMIT! THERE COMING FOR US!” Jay picked me up from the bar.. carried me to the snow, strapped my board to my feet and actually pushed me down the black run…. what a mate, what a mate indeed. I dont know how i got down however I woke up in my own bed covered in alot of blood. My arms were a mess. In my head I pulled some sick stunts though! ^^~~~

The VOD POT. Nothing more to say on this matter other than it aided us when we were on a helicopter.. Take from that what you will. Have you even drunk vodka from a tea pot while on a helicopter in france being totally 100% out of it? Nor had we until now.

Oh and I got my hand stuck in it, there’s a video kicking about somewhere – hmm, I was trying to wash it out before putting vodka in it. Got stuck, hit shit with it. Win.

E Yup. The pineapple Pipe was on hold due to sheer amazing’ness of the fruit. Wasnt to be wasted when he had an Apple Pipe in the freezer.

Yes this photo is up side down – In fact, all the pictures on the walls of all the rooms where. I don’t know how that happened… . ..

And yes that is the phone on the wall.. and a massive straw on the light. We made that straw to be able to drink in bed with the drink being in the living room… Jay said all he could taste was ashtray. Kinda sums it all up really.

Shop name win. However, its also false advertising.

I just… dont know, its all a bit feking odd.

Took this snap for TK. Since he’s a DC fan boi :p Aint big on it, but the shop kicked ass non the less.. infact, most of the shops around kicked ass. Like the boobs shop, various shade shops, pizza shops and the emerica shops.

I’m yet to eat another egg since this trip. I don’t plan to. It was an experience im done with.

Day Light? Jesus man.. what the hell happened?

The end of the trip was coming round faster than the 600hp Skyboat. Upon the rear side of it we decided the night before it would possibly be a smart idea to find out how the hell we were going to get home? With the season being at a draw the usual busy transportation was limited, and by that i mean.. non existent.

We scuttled on out beer in hand to find some kinda buss time-table. With the price on drink alone, our nightly 100euro shopping spree, stupid expensive shades and healthy smoking funds the bank manager was having a field day back home, so we figured another 100 euro on a taxi.. was not, a good shout. Bus? Yeah.. bus it is then.

So we decided to head to the bus station, Pierre explained in his comical smug manor on where to head to for the bus, however we couldn’t find this location. The iPhone was failing and we found ourselves in a tunnel for cars with no pavement.. the sounds of a person screaming in the tunnel with no light, and a blood-red hand print on the inside of the stone wall was enough for us to find another route to the station. (Im not even joking)

We found a dead-end after an hour or so, we found the MC from the Raves and he pointed us onwards.. to a group of men surrounding the warmth of a pig on fire for safety. They told us the place was shutting soon and we had to find a cinema… the only problem was, that we were on the other side of the that tunnel… so we had to go over it. Into the snow, we didn’t have our gear.. we were not meant to do this.. however we did. In a hurry… with the fear of missing the station closing as we needed info on how to get home.

A short time passed and we were back into the town center.. going in the wrong direction we found a man who helped us out, he pointed to the cinema and we legged it. Free Running through france to get there as quick as possible.. although, when we got there it was shut 😦 dammit. I found a woman who spoke English, she told us of a bar, a bar owned by English who would help us on our quest. So off we went.

We got to this bar and the owner didn’t have a clue what we were talking about and wasnt even interested in what we had to say.. oh well. One thing led to another and we were getting free drink all night for telling some stupid smart arse idiot to stop fucking about popping god dam balloons or i was going to smash his monical off his torso. With some cheers “HIP HIP!” this man left and we stumbled out at 4 in the morning……… hold on? We had a flight to catch? Ugh oh.

Our theory was… we hadn’t really bothered, rushed or been slightly concerned yet.. so, why start now? Off for pizza from the shed we got walking back to the hotel with a random chinese man by our side. His friend would take us? Jay didn’t you get a taxi!? “Shhhh” he said “Dont tell him that!!” ….. I have no idea. I was too busy trying to stand on a massive log.. rolling it under my feet down the road.

With an hour sleep we were up .. there was a cowboy outside and we were on our way to the train. EPIC!

I will attempt to piece this part as best as i can – Here was when we had some time to reflect our week of madness. We got the train station late, and missed our train by 2 minutes (Im not even joking!) The woman selling the tickets spoke to us like we had battered her dog to death with a ladle. Some serious attitude problems in this country! So we had to wait for 4 hours for the next one. With pockets full of change and nowhere to go. We went to the vending machine. Took photos and just well.. I don’t really know.

There was a woman, who had to catch an over night train the London. She wanted help with a pay phone. I pretended I could speak fluent French as did Jay. This was really funny, After a while she handed me my own phone and let me speak to a man who I had to hang up on, as well .. this lady had buggered off and I hadn’t been paying any attention for the last 30minutes to what the hell she was talking about, Instead I was being distracted by this MASSIVE bug Jay had found then killed with his snowboard bag!

amazing! It was like 5″ long!!!! We went outside and returned to said vending machine, as we had a pocket full of change. The lady returned to us. “I can get a sleeper for £75 over night which is fair” and walked out of sight, only to return to the same pay phone.. to phone the same people… to find out how to get home… there was a pattern here…. The Crazy old lady, who seeked a way home! Trying pay phone after pay phone in the hope she could get that over night sleeper! Only to find it would cost her £75 for a cabin. We ran away from her the second time.

I don’t remember anything else after this though, I don’t remember at this point the train ride.. the plane home, or even the journey back to Aberdeen. I’m surprised I remember this much in all fairness..

It was brilliant!


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  1. Yeaa well, theres “Finlandia” ( Finland ) that is even more expensive, but damn its good. I mean i dont like liquor ( or however you write this ), but still I can handle that LOL Well then, glad u enjoyed sth from my place 😀


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