I know this place had been quiet of recent – but by all means things behind the scenes of MINTOFRUIT are going somewheres.

Speaking with JIMMY UP and TOUGE AUTOMOTIVE about teaming up to produce some awsum limited edition stickers and clothing! Keep your eyes scanning!

Anyway, to lighten the mood with the stress and drama that JAE is causing for people, With blown cars, waiting on parts and trying to clean every single drop of dirt out of the sill, I think its safe to say that those going to this event in a few days time, are gonna be stressed and starting to panic a little bit now 🙂 Dont worry, its just what we all do for JAE!

SO! Here’s the deal. I have one photo here which I have JUST taken now. I plan on doing something with the below, to the car. What is it though??

Whoever gets the right answer before the end of Wednesday GMT time, Will be winning an item from the mintofruit store. This may well be from a sticker, to a hoody. Or a cap, who knows. Keep the ideas coming, via either Facebook, or comment on here, heck phone it in lol.

Facebook Link :

Sound – I’ll be back shortly with more word!

ADVISER: Jay, TK, Kyle, Sophie, Laura, AL, Lynch or anyone else who has been in contact with me recently and seen this. Keeps it right 🙂


  1. I’m not sure what program is running on that laptop, or if its relevant… but I’m guessing you plan on painting the car to match one of those 3 cute stickers? or you plan on placing those stickers in “appropriate” parts of your car?
    how many guesses do we get?? haha

  2. No more hints ^ It has to be pretty specific though, Not just “He’s putting it on his car.” :p 2 guesses 😀 or so hahah

  3. damn this is tough…
    ok here’s guess #1
    -the green sticker is going on the passenger side of the windshield below your green banner. the red sticker is going right next to the passenger side tail light. the brown one is going somewhere on your dashboard (I haven’t seen pictures of that yet). if the pink band aid with a woman on it isn’t already on your laptop, then its going on your rear window on the lower left corner where there’s still space. I haven’t seen any dents or bumps on your car where that sticker should go.

    I’ll give you guess #2 after you tell me what I got right/wrong in guess #1 lol


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