Allan’s AE86 Panda

Admin over on Gaijin, Alan has taken this hatchi a good way. The latest shots of the panda along with the all sported mintofruit decal had to get shown up on here ASAP!

Just out the bodyshop after getting the front archs customised to match the rear Origin Flares, by a friend of Allans, Ozawa San.

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Allan is based over in Misawa, Japan at an Airbase. He’s a regular drifter over in Japan and you can tell where the insperation has come from on this Hatchi to date. With similar styles to the DK himself, Tsuchiya San. Thanks to Allan from, for the photo’s and reppin the fruit all the way in the holly lands.

As you can see Alan’s taken this car up from a Rusty little trueno, to a super clean slider. Repping hard dude! Keep it up!

Domo Arigato!



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