JDMtas BBQ #1!

Summer as you all know is upon us! Its been hitting something large here as of recent times! JDMtas organised a last minute get together BBQ down the old Park for some Burgers, Booze and Banters! Check it out.

Gotta Loves some fine meat on the barby!


The weather was tropical.. the cars were clean and the intakes were flowing!

Nat and My Import Miata’s parked up. Displaying the beats for the crowd that showed!

Tawse manning the BBQ!

Meets & Greets!

GAV VS MINT – Game On!

The Tawse & EYE!

Kyles Mrs taking charge on the ol scran boiling!

Thats right Fraz ! Dabaru Peacu! (Fraz: Owner of the Minty Fresh Mini!)

Another ‘Pre-Paint Job’ sneeky shot of the basher’!

Chilling in the park!

These cats are cooler than you can handle!

Soph and Co. take some time out in the kids park? Love the random shots I find on my memory cards! :p

Crew Line up – Nat, Mint, Lynch, Imrie, Kyle, Niks and Jay – Looking good guys!

Stu: Sweet Jesus put that away!
Soph: meh..
Mint: Im not even gonna look….

Kyle dude.. c’mon, there’s a bathroom like a stones throw away ffs! ^-^

And almost as tradition goes.. caught red handed, its Jays turn to steal and hide my Nardi from me. Sometimes i really do curse that damm Snap off boss kit!

Awwwwwww……………….. that is all ^o^ Joe, Soph and Nat.

Reppin Hard! Despite spelling mistake!! haha!

O RLY?!.. hai! RLY! Lynch examines the mintofruit.

And a shot of the drive home!

These events dont come that often with our fantastic scottish weather, however non the less when they do.. they hit hard. Last minute as per and an invite only be there or be square kinda shin dig.

There WILL be another one on route, its in the wood work! Keep an eye out on the JDMtas.com website for more informations.. bring booz and burgers though, oh.. and a hacky sack if Dan’s playing.. as he’s epic at loosing them!

Mata ne!


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