Pics thanks to AL from over at, This blog is one of my all time fav’s at the moment! With constant world wide shouts from random stance owned Japanese owners clubs, to american bawler blogs like Speedhunters, ALS getting the good word! Iv just edited up these for us.

More Photos :

As you can see, the little MX5 just fit into the garage and no more!

The space we had to work in was minimal yet just what we needed! Cant thank AL enough for all his work on helping me get this MX5 to where i wanted it!

Some sanding, masking, 2 cans of primer, painted the windscreen surround matt black and them 2 cans of B&Q special matt purple paint and we were done!

We decided to paint the archs purple aswell. I have to admit, i was a bit unsure to begin with, but the end results are worthy indeed!

Archs, lights, plate on again. We cut into the OEM rear bumper to allow for the exhaust, ‘show’ hook and future FC3S diffuser. Im still not happy with the stance on this car. The front needs taken out around 15mm and the dropped another say 2 inchs on the rear and an inch on the front to make me happier.

The front does need sorted stance wise in this shot. Height and offset. The garage vary lip has been ‘bodged’ with fiberglass and cable ties along with new coat of purple. The OEM RX7 FC Yellow fogs look a treat here!

So, were getting there. I have just this minute seen photo’s ALS taken from the custom spoiler, and words cant describe just how ‘fitting’ this will be. Tick all the boxes indeed. Excited alot! Hopefully the flanges over at Barrysboys will pick up on this post and update their thread they made 😉 hehe.

Mata Ne!



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