Fraser’s ‘Minty.Fresh’ Mini

When Mintofruit sent out the stickers, we were itching to see where you guys were gonna place them! These photo’s JUST up now of where Fraser Allan’s placed his.

Fraser’s just getting into the car scene but already has his head screwed on straight with his first car. This little mini will be getting fully shot when he gets past his driving test and get a few more toys added here and there!

She’s a 1998 Mini Cooper 1.3 Single port injection weapon with some nice little mini light dish’d rims all round giving the little car some nice stance for a first motor to say the least. Fraz has already begun work on the interior with removing the rear seats, plan’s on way for buckets, new wheel is on route along with some further strengthening parts to make sure this thing holds her own!

Thats what I like to see! Some good old reppin it hard stickers to show who you support! Looking forward to the future plans!.. Keep it fresh Fraz! This is also the Brother is another Crew member Kyle (DC2 ITR) Looks like were keeping it in the family ;).. werd!

Ja NE!



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