Reports are in : the Missing fruit has been found!

Found lurking around the race tracks of Scotland in the Boso Basher setting times and scaring Evo’s!

Hey Guys – Not long back from El’ France with Jay (M Garage Skyline owner) on a boarding trip 3000+ meter’s up in Val D’isere! Between work and hitting wings with hammers Iv not had time to sit and post rubbish up on the ol’ fruit! So after being bitched at by all sides its about time we got this moving again!

Here’s a recent snap thanks to Thacko at – There’s a full Shoot on route of the basher very shortly so keep an eye out for that!

Thursday the 6th of May just passed I attended a Track Day Scotland evening down at Knockhill with a few friends. It was an open pit session from 6-8pm and was alot of fun. Seriously put the mazda to her limit’s! Brakes, Clutch and Suspension all took a beating but by the end I was feeling alot of confident with the set up and had my shift locking down past duffus and sideways out the hairpin following Fraser’s RB powered s14 Kouki!

Topping up the fluids before the session.

Read More :

The Much needed BRIDE and Takata!

Sitting in the pits!

Down Duffus

Sitting side on with Imirie!

Big thanks to Ross Elder for taking the snaps from the Track session, Shame he didnt have the scoob out there, however it’s currently under going a new turbo re-build so keep an eye out for a future shoot of that on way 😉

As you can see the little mazda is looking a bit more mean with the archs and stance, we still have work to get done on the front’s and there’s a Garage Vary front lip on route aswell! I have a Crail track day on the 22nd where hopefully i’ll be able to get some good sideways action out her.. we’ll see how that goes! Also, New WordPress App on the iPhone should allow for my frequent and detailed updates on life here in sunny Scotland.

Mata ne Guys! Mata ne..


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