Shuri Castle : Okinawa

In Follow up to yesterday’s post on the Okinawa Garden of Shikinaen, I present to you photo’s of the Shuri Castle, Which is also within Okinawa’s main Island of Naha and one of the biggest tourist attractions to visit.

Upon leaving shikinaen I was told by the gate women to take either bus number 23 or pick up a taxi. Now at the time, the weather was tropical.. I had all the time in the world, with nothing to do and a Olympus camera round my neck.. So i politely thanked the lady, and decided to head on out to begin my epic journey to find Shuri castle.

Read More : I took alot of photo’s of the route I took to get there – It was one of the most challenging walks id decided to under go on this trip. Some of the roads I was actually on my hands and knee’s climbing up there.

It took me a good few hours but I did finally end up there, I must of been stopped like 20 times by School kids wanting to practice their new found English skills they’d just been taught in an earlier lesson. I got a really good welcome to be fair!

A city district of Naha today, Shuri is the name of the former capital of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Shuri Castle (Shurijo) served as the administrative center and residence of the Ryukyu kings for several centuries, until Okinawa became a Japanese prefecture in 1879.

Wars and fires destroyed Shuri Castle multiple times over the centuries, most recently in the Battle of Okinawa in 1945. The current buildings are beautiful reconstructions dating from 1992.

The castle’s main buildings stand on top of a hill and are approached through several gates. The Seiden (Main Hall), former venue of major affairs of state and ceremonies, is the most lavishly decorated building and stands in front of Una Plaza.

The plaza is encircled on the other three sides by the Hokuden (North Hall) and Nanden (South Hall), former administrative buildings, which are now housing related exhibitions, and the Hoshinmon (Hoshin Gate).

Really was worth all that hill climbing and time to get there – Oh and I made the correct move on not taking the bus! haha.

Mate Ne


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