EBISU Circuit- Fukushima

Here’s some snaps to show you guys what Ebisu’s like.. this place was stupid quiet on the day we went.. which meant simply more seat time for us! Oh and there’s also some lions!

See.. A lion ^^!

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The complex features 7 individual tracks plus 2 skid pan type circuits. Here we have a snap of my car for the day. A Nissan Silvia PS13. This car came with Stage 2 mods, 1.5 way diff, several wheels and all the basics like bucket, wheel etc. It was a dream to drift!

Here we have Ian’s ride for the day – A converted Nissan Silvia 180sx (RPS13) with a PS13 front end, creating the Sileighty. This car was tuned up a good bit more my PS13 and was super nice to spin the rears up!

This is one of the almost ‘classic’ shots taken of Ebisu now – Its good to see how this place is laid out.

Its a shame we hit the place up in the winter – The whole time we were there it was simple a case of checking the webcam and ‘hoping’ that mother nature would be good to us, Afraid to say on the day we went, many tracks were still snow shut – We still had far too much fun for one day though!

We got up stupid early and jumped on the many needed trains to get to Nihonmatsu, The last time I went to Ebisu, It was for the Drift Matsuri weekender. Andy picked us up in his low loader with the now famous Power Vehicles JZX100 on the back, this time due to weather.. Andy and Em picked us up in the Paj. Exactly whats needed for these conditions. Andy even took us out for a spin on the closed touge course in the Paj to show us just how damm steep it really was! The videos and photos really dont show you how this place is set up. You need to see it, to believe it!

Here’s where I spent most of my seat time – Working on my hand brake entries and attempting to link the whole track up – Needless to say, one thing i’ll never forget was Andy telling me.. ‘Every course has its own line, When you find that line.. you’ll hit every corner in one long drift’ and by the end of the day.. he was right, I found that line and linked up the whole thing .. well, until I binned it into the Snow bank you can see directly in the middle of this photo!

Thankfully as soon as I binned it – This lad who id been drifting with all day, was on hand with a tow rope and I was out in no time! Didnt get his name, but he spoke no English. Domo Arigto random Hatchi Roku driver!

The other amazing thing about Ebisu.. Is the zoo. Yeah for those who didnt know, Ebisu is also a wildlife park which iv been told gets more business from Joe P with the lions, than the track does with the drifter. Joe P turns up with said kids and takes a wonder round.. they then notice the cars and stay to watch the madness unfold! Thinking back to the summer matsuri, I do remember having to avoid ALOT of people walking between courses to see the Tigers and monkeys!

The King of Ebisu? I dont even think he’s got his drivers licence..

As said above – this day we went things were quiet, real quiet. So the animals looked at peace with the lack of kids pointing and shouting.. not totally a bad thing. Of all the Zoo’s iv been to in Japan, I always find it such a shame to see these animals caged up like this.. however, im fairly sure they’d be in the way here if they werent.

This white tiger, was amazing! Always love seeing these animals in real life.

And i’ll close this post with a photo of Ian in the driver seat ready to go out and try some track action for the first time – His drifting came on 10 fold this day! Really impressive to see with the right car, right tutors and the right environment.. magic can happen ^^..

All in a fantastic day was to be had! Plenty of tyres got destroyed – Corners were hit and we went away with a huge ass massive smile on our faces.. “Weve just drifted Ebisu!…..”

Andy took us back to enjoy some fantastic Japanese food and beer then we grabbed our trains back to Tokyo. Big shout out goes to Andy and Emily from over at www.powervehicles.com – Arigato guys.



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  1. I can’t ebrake either man just hard to lock em. I’m getting powered by max hydro ebrake for $300 with stainless braid hoses. For now I’m getting steering knuckles for my s13 with 52 degrees of angle 😀 I just feint it and clutch kick it on entry with my awesomeness of 160hp lmao



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