A visit to K-Style, Nihonmatsu

While up drifting at the world famous Ebisu, Andy took me in past K-Style to meet Kumakubo-san, and see some of their line up for the 2010 seasons ahead.

Located up in Nihonmatsu, its safe to say, things there are a little more laid back from the busier city type of the gaijin populated Tokyo.

Read more..Well this is the first time Iv tried this page break thing – Big shout out goes to Isidro from over on the Otoko no yonmai blog! Arigato^^

Now K-Style, Owned by the famous Kumakubo-san, the man in charge of Team Orange and the ones who own and run the famous Ebisu circuit. The had a fair collection of cars sitting about the unit here. Shame my pics do non of these cars any justice.

Here we have the new 2010 Time Attack Team Orange EVO X.

This EVO is actually the Koyama Racing Labo, built in partnership along side Team Orange. I believe one her first out goings was not long before this shoot at the Salon.

As per – I have an excuse for the super blurry pics :p wouldnt be me without one right? It was cold.. like, super damm cold! hahah. Bearing in mind, it was still winter time 😉

Here we have a customer’s car getting the JZ works done to it. When I asked Kumakubo-san about this, he corrected me in saying “Its an Altezza IS200″…. “not a 300?” I didnt actually know you got the Altezza version of the Lex in a 2 litre..

Various awards and trophy’s collected over time .. showing these guys are some of the best out there! Top work.

Anyone know what this is? 😉 The funny thing I found out about this car yard is there was an R35 sitting about.. covered in dust and dirt.. Kumakubo had gone on to tell us he didnt like it, Its never used and just sits about getting dirty.. Wonder If i can just ‘have it’ ^^

Back to reality, work on the Boso Miata is under go – TAKATA’s are here, Waiting on the BRIDE along with the wheel adapters for the Wata’s and the Longchamps, slammed her on the deck with the HSDs.. muchos work has been going in to get it ready for the up and coming drift events.

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Mata ne^^


A visit to K-Style, Nihonmatsu」への2件のフィードバック

  1. you’re welcome! glad I could help

    I don’t know any Japanese, so I can’t say “you’re welcome” in Japanese…

    and is the Evo for 2010 Time Attack or D1GP? I didn’t know Kumakubo ran in time attack too

  2. Man I wish I could see that in person. One of days I’m saving up monies and flying to the rising sun and showing me around. I gotta do some shopping to take back to the states ^_^



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