Wanna put a big thanks out first all the guys worldwide who have been supporting the fruit by grabbing these one off; house of fruit stickers. All orders are through – And will be heading out to all corners of the globe ASAP!

Here’s some more snaps Iv found in the Salon 2010’s folder. – The question “What is Stance” has popped up alot recently on various boards nationwide iv found. There seems to be alot of different opinions on what ‘Stance’ actually is. I have my own thoughts and the way I see it.. If its not scrapping cats eyes on your daily drive.. you aint even started.

These on the other hand..

A good point to take into notice imo, Is the whole package though. Sure manly offset and nice dish is good but is the width is weak, or the ride height isnt low enough.. it wont have that complete pack.

Another thing id like to point out which I got into deep discussion with the other day, The explanation on why this post of pics are more ‘editted’ some would say is because I never started to take photos to be a photographer.. I took photo’s to be a graphic designer. I liked what could be done by the aid of good ol PS.

Id hope we all tell what this is out of..

Such a fantastic car – I wanted to give this car back of its retro edge and try make the snap kinda old fashioned.

If anyone wants one as paper, email me a resolution.




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