Okinawa Sil80

While stumbling around the quiet streets of Okinawa one day, Sipping on some of the local Awamori, after taste testing some of the fine Soba.. I headed on out for the 7/11 Game.

The Streets are some what far different from that of the busier more typical Tokyo. Okinawa has a very chillaxed vibe to it – The weather was 25′ here in Rain, The night life was good fun, the girls were amazing and the cars were top notch.

Here’s something I stumbled across one drunkern night.. I had to go back to see if it was real or in my head – the pics game out terrible, non the less.. there’s pics for the pudding.

As you can see – this Sil80 has just been somewhat ‘left’ lying in the back of some random field shadowed by all the new found structures around it.. Shame.



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