TOKYO from Above – 東京タワ

Another gaijin task to cross off the list was a visit to the Tokyo Tower. Located in Shiba Park, Minato, Tokyo, The 1,901 foot high communications and observation tower was built in 1958 and has so far had over 150 million people visit since its opening.

東京タワ translates to literal, ‘Tokyo Tawa’, This is the tallest artificial structure within in Japan. We had to go check it out for ourselves.

It was actually really good to visit, The sights are epic, its a shame the back lighting destroyed all my chance at taking decent pics.. there was a pro there who had curtained off a window and had a spy hole through shooting with an old skool film cam.

Oh.. turns out, Ross hates heights… dayum. After allowing his previous JDM Maccy Dee’s and Starbucks WHITEO HOTO CHOCOLATO to escape into the Towers toilets.. we headed on down again.

Not sure what to post up next – Auto Salon, Knockhill, Mazda stuff or more random Japan pics.

Mata ne


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