KEI CHAN – Gone.. yet not forgotten..

While browsing the MX5nutz forum, A member named Galliano posted up this shot of Kei down at last years JAE.

I must put a thanks out there, As its actually a good snap of her! Arigato^^ – I try not ever stick up photo’s that I didnt take, its just what Iv been going for since I started up ‘mintofruit‘ years back. However, I was asked tonight where the s15 was by chance haha.

It seems this s15 keeps popping up now and again on various blogs / forums, Its funny coming across it and seeing what peoples thoughts are. Im also, yet to see another one to this style.. Is that telling me something? :p hehe. Defo marmite maybe? You decide.

The s15 is now in the hands of a lad way way down the road, With the plans in store for Kei such as new BRIDES, Bigger turbo, Hydro handbrake, some SSR SP1’s and a BN Widebody Blister kit.. its not only going to look totally different.. but epic super bawler spec! Im looking forward to seeing the updates.. yet at the same time, Im so not! :p hehe.

Thanks again to Galliano for the pic!

Ja ne


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