YOKOHAMA Super Autobacs, Only a few trains away from Tokyo station, Its well worth the trek. Ian had been rabbitin on for years about wanting to go check this place out, So a spare day we had we headed on out.

Located a short walk away from the main station, It’s actually rather tricky to come across. With some help from the locals we found ourselves there.

The selection of parts in this one was massive. Alot more than the one in Shinonome. To get to the Autobacs you have to walk through the Nissan building, being so stoked to get there we just walked on through, So we hit up on route home.

Oh and the girls in this Nissan building, are some of the hottest in the prefecture.. no joke!  Iv got alot more snaps of the Autobacs in various other random locations. I really need to get those Auto Salon pics sorted too.. and edit the skid video from Ebisu too.




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