A visit to SCARAB, Japan.

So im up near Yashio with Neal cruising the suburbs of Tokyo in his R33 GTR V-Spec.. After stopping off at a few local Up Garages, we head on out towards a friend of Neals… SCARAB.

Local car garage ran by two of the nicest dudes you could meet. After taking an interest into the gorgeous RX7 FC3S, Saki decides to start shifting cars… Fired up the 420hp Rotary and out she came.

You can see the blue FD sitting there – This was their company famous car sort to speak. I actually spotted this at the Daikoku meet, and met the owner there.. turns out, he owns this place!.. This Rex is set up for grip, with the odd drifto drifto hear and there.

This was my first time in an FC, And I loved it.. so much so, I may be picking this up when im next up that direction.. who knows. Im sure you’ll all agree… epic.

After some runs up and down the river key we finished our Coffee’s and Neal passed me the keys to the GTR.. Off we went for the night, Headed over to Tomo’s bar.. and had an Epic night with Saki, Tomo and Neal. ‘That night I joined the brotherhood’ ..



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