Daikoku Futo

“Just follow the C1 all the way till you see signs for the C2.. then head off towards Yokohama Park and the k4″… you’ll soon know when you get there.

This was my first time at Daikoku, and I was more than impressed. The amount of cars for the turn out before the Salon was pretty epic! Full of some super sweet rides! All things from super slammed VIP rollers, to Drifto and Grip weapons to the Bosozuka them selfs..

I got a video on the samsung of those guys basically annoying everyone there. What a noise they made! So when the police turned up, they made a scarp and heading back up onto the wangan.

When we left they had all been caught! Well.. thats what we thought, I was speaking to Dino yesterday and word on the street was that one of them fell off their bike.. a passanger, who was 90% likely to be female, So.. thats a bit rubbish.

For those who dont know what Daikoku Futo is. Its basically a giant PA (Parking Area) off the Wangan (Express Way  / Motorway) Which links Tokyo to Yokohama. This is basically the same as a UK Service station on the M6. But 10x the size, and an attraction to all things car related. Many companies / teams and shops organise meets here at Daikoku with some of the biggest names in the market showing face for certain events.

Now though, the police seem to be in force to boot everyone out rather early on.

After the Daikoku meet, Neil asked me to jump back into the Fit and head off up onto the wangan towards Tokyo. We hit up some more PA’s containing some sheer amazing cars, chatting away about how it is to actually live here with jobs, flats and the likes.

Was all a tad odd to me, I mean there was a fully prepped time attack NSX sitting next to me, a time attack FD3S, among a shed load of other amazing cars.. stuff like big single R34’s and then a ‘mint’ condition yellow RX7 rolled up and parked up.. and it just seemed the norm. . . After some more driving and a quick Wangan battle with his R33 v-Spec (he won) we found ourself’s at yet another PA and got some food / drinks, checked out the other cars and then got into some banter with the Japanese lads.

The white 14 you see was owned by Tsuji since 1996. He’s a grip driver running a T28 bb turbine, HKS full Hi-Power system and show’s his stuff up at Ebisu, I showed him the Ichigo to which he approved and we jumped back in and cruised home to the C1 for some tokyo win.

Was the best night of my Japanese experience so far.. off to bed though, Salon’s done with. Not anything amazing imo, worse than last year but was to be expected. Off to Up Garage tomorrow morning then Autobacs (again) then Ebisu drifting on Wednesday with Andy.

So far.. this place, the cars.. the food, the girls, the drifters… the gaijin.. are all full of utter WIN!.. the only let down? Was Nomuken.. that boy’s a bit of twat.



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