Time to get going with part 2,

Oh a car! Driven by the oldest man on the planet, Totally OEM bar some random rim action.

Here we have the Hiroshima Castle. Which was totally destroyed by the Hiroshima Bomb. In 1953 they begun reconstructing it again to its current state.

Gus hoppin to the top!

More shots of the top on route.. took a minute or two!

Entrance to the Hiroshima Castle shrine.

Almost there.

Museum inside the castle.

Shot from the roof top.

Random shopping center, Ian has some kinda ‘like’ for going to shopping places, some kinda social recreational thing from the Glasgow direction… lol.

I was bored and not really interested in doing shopping so I took pictures of random stuff like water falls.. lol.

So there we go.. Hiroshima.. Wasnt a fan, glad I went but wouldnt head back now Iv seen what I wanted to see.

So.. time to check the auto salon pictures?

Mata Ne



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