Time to throw these photo’s up on the fruit – Back from Day one of the salon today and got over 7gig of Images to edit up!.. With a whole day of this again tomorrow! WIN!

The famous dome building. Still standing to this day and age.

The Eternal flame to which will stay lit until the last nuclear weapon gets daved in world.. IMO, This wont ever go out.

This was alot harder to shoot last year.

This is the dome before hand – Awsum little model.

.. and the aftermath.

Pointing out how much each country in the world owns some form of nuclear weapon.

More hard hitting stuff to be seen.. Really happy I took my tripod this trip, as I wouldnt not have gotten these shots, the lighting was seriously dark.

This is showing the point of non-impact, Mid Air detonation for maximum effect. Some serious damage obviously caused.

Now this photo was the one I wanted to get for the last year! So glad the shot came out. Thank the tripod yet again.

Another dome shot.

Another shot of the ‘loons’. Part 1 done.

Mata Ne


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