Autobac Attack Part San!

Here’s yet another batch of snaps from the good old Super Autobacs in Tokyo bay.

Starting this gather with this sweet little Miata Roadster.

Random Stingray found roaming the streets of Shinonome, After trying some moving shots in the street we waited for him to roll on up and park for a clear shot.

Hmm banana 3 with a fairlady. Some noice carbon fibre parts too.

This fairlady was hiding under the carpark.. couldnt avoid the Oly though. Remind’s me somewhat of a tamer Tokyo Drift DK version.

Super Clean FD3S sporting some Volks. He’s got my fogs 😉

Every time I see one of these.. I want one more!

Im not actually 100% sure what this car was, but it had CAD stickers on her.. hmm. Fire me a mail if you know.

Nice line up here.. 180sx, Tezza and a Porsche.. brilliant.

Super clean Legacy in getting some work done.

Another Skyline sitting inside the bays here at Autobacs.

Pretty standard looking s15 Spec R.. but damm, That colour is just nuts.

No real fantastic pictures but I do have a soft spot for this colour!

Were unsure what this little thing was, but it was being charged up as the owner was in buying some toys for it.

This JZX110 was too much noice.

Iv been wanting to snap this white thing for a while, finally got a chance to.

Were down in Hiroshima just now watching the new Drift Tengoku Vol.55 DVD. Also got the new Dori Ten Edition mag and the brand new Option 2 mag on release.. the joys of being here.

Weve been back to the Dome and the peace museum today, and tomorrow were heading to the Hiroshima castle.. then going out for a massive party.


Mata ne!

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