Ueno & Harajuko

Over the last few days not only has time lapsed, but disorientation has become a serious issue. The other day before meeting up with Clara we decided to go for a walk around Ueno Park to snap some Gaijin Style shots.

Some funky ass tower looking thingy.

Some of you might just think ‘ducks’ well.. yeah, no story here.. Just ducks.

This is the lake that over looks Ueno park. Im actually yet to see anyone race these duck boats yet.. the thought crossed our mind.

We then went to go find Clara over in Harajuko. Grabbed a ‘typical’ crep’e and heading for some shops.

Alot of time was spent in this shop, They had some cool little RC Drifty cars which the lady on the 3rd floor let us place with.. funny enough, it was a Pewter s15! :p Ultimate WIN!

Mata ne




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