Missed our train walk…

Iv now been back to Super Autobacs in Tokyo Bay 3 times so far. Here’s some snaps from the second trip, Tonight’s epic voyage shows up a shed load more brilliant cars, Including a Yellow S15 Spec R, Some noice JZX100’s and many more.. for now, Here’s some random snaps!

Lovely Z Car.

Yet another, R32. Common as muck here at Shinonome it seems!

This.. Is ONE clean Golf! In such a clean space of work!

So in we went and played about for a long ass time! 😀 I love this damm place!

Try before you buy right? lol.

So the other night we were haning out over in Shibuya doing some honey hunting, Among all the antics.. we totally forgot that we had missed the last train out that joint.. To give you an idea how far we had to go.. when asking the girl in Shibuya JR Station how long would it take, She laughed so hard.. and said.. “hmm.. maybe, 5.. or 6 hours. Maybe!” then continue to ‘keel’ over.


So off we went.. With no real Idea on which direction, We headed towards Nihonbashi.. and kept walking.. and walking… and followed this, with more walking!

We seen some pretty sweet things though!

FAO OF SCOTTY! Dude.. you seeing this? This photo was taken JUST for you boi! See whats to the left of the normal milk Dars?.. yeah roy! SUGOI!

Classic kinda slow shutter bag of WIN!

Found a Lexus garage.. somewhere! lol!

Check this dude! At the time, We thought he was the coolest thing we had seen all trip! Bearing in mind.. this was after say 3/4 hours of walking.. non stop.

After spending a while in Mc Donalds scranning up.. we got going and continued to head east. Stopping off for more hot coffee.. we found the Fish market, at this point.. we thought we’ll wait till its open, thankfully we didnt! As it was sunday, and very not open!

A wee bit along the road over some bridges we came across non-other than the boso dudes themselfs, Sitting stupidly flat out on their bikes with lots of noise and lights past the police.. there was a fair few of them! End of the story, After over 6 hours of walking, We got lost, turned around to find we’d been walking in the wrong direction. So we found a train and went home!

An Epic night was to be had,

This for me.. was the highlight. I have no idea whats going on in this photo, but it was hella hard to snap it. Some kind of mixed gundam with a building. Sorta fused together. This thing was so damm cool ! Id just had to be snapped!

Were currently going to do an all nighter, head out for Coffee and beer then see Ross and Gus in the morning for the early doors Shinkansen to Hiroshima!

Mata Ne




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