O-Genki Desu Ka?

Hai.. Genki desu! hmm.. ano, Zekkocho desu!

Im home, the one place that feels right.. im finally back. Thats day 1 now up, Still hungover and jet lagged I got myself to the hostel and started to unpack, went back out to grab possibly some of the best damm curry in the world! I had saved myself all day for this food.. and it did not dissapoint, so much.. its like almost 1am, and im considering going back for more after this beer.

No car pics, But some random down town Asakusa / Bakurocho shots taken tonight. Thankful of the pod now!

Nice sight on route home.

Random street shot.

God Damm Taspo strikes YET AGAIN!

Taxi Line up.

The Pad – The Ninja is actually a really chilled out place – By far one of the better places around here imo.

So thats it – Hitting super auto bacs tomorrow morning thankfully, got some other little things planned aswell as some Drifitng with Team Orange / Andy Gray up at Ebisu – So keep tuned on the Japan antics guys.

Finally.. the blog may continue!

Mata Ne!!




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