101: How to Spend a Christmas Eve

As most of you know I met over the last few days know.. here’s how I spent my Christmas eve. Wasnt the most enjoyable, Alas needs must. It was temp’s around -5, with Snow, with a mixture of rain then some stupid cold temps hit me around 11pm.

Got scrubbed up about half 11, Texted my bro’s to find out the scope on the drinko banter times, “Ah yeah minto san.. place no shutty till like 1.. saaaaaaaaaaal good!” – propar.

Got there, Shut at 12, Epic failure on all partie’s concerned.. So, Needless to say.. I missed it. Oh well, There’s always next year right?

Only gots 2 days left of this car………. totally, now…….. gutted 😦





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