Bozo Miata time!

Day 1 and I got to work on my new Project. With the s15 being sold .. I need to keep my mind on another car for the time being. What better, than that little Miata I bought last year, Anyone remember that? haha.

ANYWAYS! I collected her this weekend, went round to Jay’s and got to work on a few little things, Bozo handle on, Interior (well what there is of it) gone, OEM Wheel out, Gold/Wooden Nardi in. Custom made double din blanking cover too.. Fits real nice too!

After a night of waxing snowboards, It got to the time of heading back out the icy roads to the Shire.. however, That was cut short after spending almost 4hours looking for my car keys.. Crashed the night with Jay and hit up the Scrappy in the morning for something to do..

We stumbled across a few EG civics, some EK’s and then this mark 1 MR2….

mint: “Recon that lip would fit my miata?”

Jay: “hmm.. sounds like a challenge!”

So off to it.. Cut it, shapped it, drilled it and cable tied it… I personally love it! Never seen it on an MX5 before either! Its in need of a lick of paint but should be all good. Still need some more toys for her, Such as coilovers.. wheels and a single exit system.. oh and a hardtop.. its friken cold out!

Japan in 2 weeks… Look out for blog shouts!




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